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    Open water + advanced in one go?

    Thats what I wanted to know. You should have a lot easier time than most if you enjoy being in the water. There is a lot to take in mainly being the situational awareness, nuetral buoyancy and correct breathing, but it's a lot easier for water people. They tend to excel at it pretty quickly. You...
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    Open water + advanced in one go?

    Hey Pixie I was just wondering if you have been in a water enviroment throughout your life?
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    Emergency Ascent

    The first thing I thought about was to reach back to first stage and grab the hose from there and work my way down so I could at least get it out of my face or kink it. Are the hoses hard to control in this type of scenario?
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    I think I have been "had" just a bit

    Why would you want to endanger someones life more than it already is because of your equipment choice? Why would any owner want to take an uneeded risk with the safety of himself or employees because you went bargain shopping for life support equipment? A tank can be easily rented.
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    What kind of buddy do you want to be?

    At a 1k psi mark signal the DM to come to you if he continues the dive after the pre dive mark. If at that time he doesn't I would question his mental state, maybe suffering from Narcosis. At this point the DM is risking your and your buddies life. If you can't convince him to ascend or can't...
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    What kind of buddy do you want to be?

    Scenario #1 - The Speed Demon Ascend with my buddy. Speak to them on the surface about the next dive and the pace you want to set. If the buddy is not comfortable with this I would speak to the DM about being paired up with someone else. Just because I was annoyed is no reason to risk...
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    key west
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    key west
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    Being a good buddy, or looking at "stuff"....

    You will usually find buddies that are interested in the same thing you are based on the location and area you dive. Unless you are diving with a buddy that has been to the area way to many times I doubt you would have a problem finding something interesting within a few feet of each other...
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    BC question

    This is the package I built that I'm thinking about picking up: AquaLung Legend LX ACD Supreme Regulator Atomic SS1 Integrated Octo Inflator Suunto Vyper Air Wrist Computer (Complete System) Seaquest Balance BCD with SureLock weight system Aqualung 5mm stretch wetsuit Dive Tool/Knife...
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    Future Training

    :hm: Oh, I thought that was just the New Jersey in him.
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    Future Training

    Thank You. That post probably contained the most valuable information I have received yet. I want to do it bad, but I want to be realistic about it and that's why I'm here gaining advice from people who have already traveled this route. I'm now thinking EMT is a solid idea while still...
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    Future Training

    Dive as much as possible Travel the world Gas Blending Tech Diving Photography Work on a boat/Live aboard Help out with people who want to dive or learn Work in a LDS fiiling tanks/ servicing equipment etc. Open my own shop one day down the road.
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    Future Training

    :rofl3: Good thing I'm single with no kids.
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    Future Training

    I was talking with a DiveMaster/trainer about advancing my dive experience and he said after AOW the best route to take would be PADI for Divemaster as most resorts and destinations are mostly PADI. He also mentioned that they offer business courses and if looking for a career in diving that...
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