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    Subsurface & Shearwater Perdix AI

    Will do! Now that I'm past the loose nut, it's working great!!!! !
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    Subsurface & Shearwater Perdix AI

    Anyone getting it to work on a Samsung S7? I've followed the Subsurface directions and Subsurface will not recognize my Perdix AI. Shearwater cloud works fine, but I want my Subsurface....
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    Anyone had experience with Horizon Divers in Key Largo?

    No, I used Quiescence in Key Largo -- first rate group, when I go back that's who I'm using. Not even going to check out other places. These guys were great. Only 4-6 divers per boat. No waiting for a huge group to jump in or get out. Short walk to boat from store, covered sitting area and a...
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    Diving Lake Pleasant 2014

    Anyone diving Lake Pleasant this weekend 6-29 & 30?
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