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    Carolinas: Broad River: Diver In Critical, Any News?

    Hi everyone. I am basically from Johnson City, TN...its minutes away from me. I did not personally know Brian Owens, but I have friends that did. This is a just a tragic event. We are trying to figure out what happened ourselves. As stated, I did not know him, but from what I gather in...
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    Who Determines What DIR Is

    If you have access read "Toward a Near and Unique Future" by Jarrod Jablonski in the Quest magazine of Summer 2004. It is part of the supplemental reading for GUE Fundies and it focuses on how "DIR" has evolved from its original intent and how it was just cost and timewise ineffective to try...
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    Diving out of Panama City Fl.

    I highly recommend Panama City Diving and Diver's Den. They both run awesome charters and have great boat captains and divemasters. I have never been disappointed by either one. I can't answer as far as destinations because I am not a local but generally you either sign up for an inshore or...
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    Asahi Steel Tanks

    Please excuse me if this is a stupid question but what exactly does that mean? I have two HP 120s in current hydro. Will we not be able to get a hydro on them in the future?
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    Awesome wreck dive! Would anyone be interested?

    I'd be interested...especially in early August like abnfrg suggested. Would be awesome if he could come and bring a compressor.
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    Download of Uwatec Sol compass bearing

    Its the bearing that you physically set and and its just a little red dot in the top left corner of the screen that says "bearing" and a degree. It just keep that bearing in memory I guess and will continue to do so until you reset it.
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    Download of Uwatec Sol compass bearing

    I have only used SmartTRAK for my downloads, but the answer is YES it does. And if you set your bearing 10 dives ago it will continue to be that bearing unless you reset it. I have no idea how it would appear on another download program such as with DiveNav.
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    Attacked by shark, stitches his own wound and goes for a beer

    That stuff only looks good in the First Blood. There is a reason why DDM said what they did. Now I am not a physician nor have I played one on TV....BUT...the whole issue here is the lack of aseptic technique in treating the wound. As a diver/dive buddy/first responder all you...
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    Attacked by shark, stitches his own wound and goes for a beer

    Just curious here. I understand whats going on with closing the wound without copious irrigation and him setting himself up for secondary infection. But is it common practice such as with dog bites to allow shark bites to heal by granulation?
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    Help with strange HOG SPG problem

    Lynne, If you have had opportunity to read the thread about Canadians being bad customers you will see that the gauge is a couple of years out of warranty and you will also see the emails back and forth. From what I get from others posting is that it was either over-pressurized or sustained...
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    Which change to make first?

    +1 with Bopper. Drysuit would be my top priority just because of the extended diving season.
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    weighting question

    +1, but I would do it wearing my wetsuit with my mask and fins on. I just did the UTD Extreme Scuba Makeover and that's how they had us do it. Get a bunch of weight together and keep adding until you start to sink underwater and you are able to stop your descent with a breath hold and remain...
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    Scubapro Nova 200 vs Nova 230

    If you definitely want to stay within the Scubapro line take a look at Subgear's new backup light. I don't know the model number but its 500 lumen vs 250 like the Nova 230 and is around the same cost. One thing that's gonna eat you up if you use it a lot as a primary is the cost of C cell...
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    Why was there a need for D3?

    Good question!!! I hope cerich jumps in on this one. There is another thread about why isn't dive gear express carrying hog regs any longer and he made some mention that the D3 was their own in house design and that it performed better and was more compact and I believe it swivels more or...
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    Appropriate No of Logged dives to become a DM/instructor

    I believe the problem of the "Zero to Hero" DMs that are being produced could be solved by simply putting a time requirement such as "Applicants must be at least three years past OW certification" and perhaps raise the number of dives to say "100 at time of graduation". That wouldn't cost a...
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