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    Need an O-ring size

    Finally found it this morning! Hope it is correct. Oring size for the Sol&Luna computers : 2mm x 12 mm Oring size for the Sol&Luna transmitters: 2mm x 26 mm
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    Need an O-ring size

    I looked for an hour last night but could not find what I needed. Does anyone know the o-ring size for the battery compartment for a Scubapro Galileo Sol or Luna? Any help is appreciated!
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    Quality ScubaPro

    Tridacna is correct. Scubapro corporate quit monitoring this forum several years ago. Every now and then someone from the past drops by but Scubapro will NOT see nor take action from anything posted here.
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    Punta Sur/Devil's Throat

    To date my wife and I have dove Devil's throat over 5 dozen times over the last 20 years. It always seems like there is a "never done that" person on the boat at least once a week, usually toward the end of their week there. Yes, it is a bucket list dive and it IS NOT an air only dive. We dive...
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    Jetfins and OMS springs

    They work.
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    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    Not surprised with your "issues" with Aldora. They are a great outfitter but they, like any other dive vendor, are not going to take you as an unknown on your first visit with them on your word as to your ability or experience. As with any visit to a new place, there is an evaluation of you like...
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    scubapro mk25 turret up or down...

    Down and you are less likely to have it BANG the back of your head.
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    A question about car rental....

    We used to rent at Fox car rental as it was relatively cheap compared to others, on-site at the airport and we had a standing discount. WELL...they have removed their concession on the island. We are seriously considering a rental from ISIS. We have never rented from them before but have heard...
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    Current COVID/masking in Cozumel

    Thanks 3M. I started this thread and all I really asked is what are the current protocols and conduct there. I'm a physician so I REALLY wasn't wanting to enter the COVID debates! We already deal whit that on a daily basis in practice. If anyone sees anything new or different there, please post...
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    Current COVID/masking in Cozumel

    Thanks for everyone who answered my original inquiry . Man, it sure is amazing how a topic can morph on this board! I’ll be watching to see what happens over the next month and see if any new info about what is happening on site changes! One additional question I do have is has anyone had a...
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    Current COVID/masking in Cozumel

    I miss ChuckP’s running information pertaining to pandemic happenings in Cozumel. We are heading there next month and other than the US requirement for testing prior to return, what is going on in Cozumel? Are there any remaining requirements or restrictions? Or, are things somewhat back to normal?
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    Trimix and Apnea on Galileo Sol

    Scubapro pretty much is non-existrent on this forum anymore.
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    Anyone know who these young guys are?

    Great guys, remember those days well!
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    Cozumel COVID-19 updates

    Isn't this thread supposed to be simply an update on the current COVID 19 status/changes in the Cozumel area? It's getting progressively hard to read and keep up with all of the additional political/social/cultural ramblings attached to it. Flame me if you feel necessary but the mods should...
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    s600 first stage differences

    There are 2 different bodies between the various models of the S600 2nd stage. It will depend upon which of the 2 she has as to whether it will work well. You can order a color kit and see if it is compatible if you do not know which you have. When they changed the rear housing they also...
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