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    Just moved to the UK, were do I dive?

    Did you ever find any nice places to dive?
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    Inhabitants of the Thistlegorm
  3. Cargo


    BSA motorcycles onboard the Thistlegorm
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    Scuba Geocaching

    Geocaching rules! I can't wait to find my first UWC!!!
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    Underwater Geocaching?

    Geocaching RULES!!!
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    question about ashes and diving

    Sounds like a great idea! Not being mean about it but an urn could be a geocache!
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    Partial re-opening of Sharm's beaches

    We just got back from Sharm! 9 days of diving from the Thistlegorm around to the Tunnel. We saw 1 Oceanic White Tip at 25m. We dove with Anthias off of Power 3 and it was fantastic!
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    Uwatec IR778 Infrared Adapter & Smart Trak

    How do you want to handle this sale? I'm interested!
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    Pic and little box

    Sorted! Thanks for the help Mopar!
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    Pic and little box

    Copy Black and Blue but for an avatar pic, i do? Sorry that was lame but I had to.
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    Pic and little box

    Why does my pic show up as a ? on friends, friends and what is the coloured square ie Black or Blue under my pic?
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    Sharm El-Sheikh F.A.Q.

    I was just there May 1-9 the bottom temp at 30m was 24c. I wore a 2pc Fourth Element Thermocline(= to a 2.5mm) and was quite happy! My DM was in a 3mm shorty and also fine. Enjoy your dives! Try Anthias divers!
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    Sharm El-Sheikh F.A.Q.

    IT'LL BE HOT!!! But all the big stuff should be coming in to look at!
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    Northeast Scuba Supply is hiring Full time and Part Time!

    I can front your South East England office!
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