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    MHC Labor Day Weekend Dive Report

    I used to DM on that big deal about the line, just a helpful insight, before it wedges in a wreck...
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    MHC Labor Day Weekend Dive Report

    Yeah, the vis was good the Ashkabad that day. I did an hour thirty on it, got hungry and cold. Dive morehead enough and you see vis and conditions like that. I've seen the Schurz from the deck of the boat, end to end on the sub..and less than 5 feet on wrecks too. As an aside, stow your line...
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    Mt. Storm Water Temperature?

    My logs say mid 80s to high 70s. But, I think its still closed to the general public without a boat.
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    What do folks make of this one...

    A jersey upline is basically a bar that you have a thick line rapped around (200-300 feet of line) that had a bag tied onto the line. Simply inflate bag, it shoots to surface, tie the other end to the wreck. Then, you have a fixed position to be picked up from. Also can do a drift deco on it, if...
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    Diving in va beach

    The diving is good, vis is better south, for numbers, gentile has them in his va wreck book, some are right, some....anyway, make sure to equip properly, its colder, have o2 on the boat, etc. If I were you, I'd get plenty of dives in quarries and on charters before doing private boat...
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    Who wants to dive?

    All depending what weather and divers have been like, I have seen less than 6 inches, up to 20 ft. Any rain destroys willow. But, it beats storm any day....
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    Who wants to dive?

    Nah, Amy is running out of MHC, and not chartering. Randy, go out with Al, its always worth it.
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    Who wants to dive?

    Ive been, al goes...look for Atlantic beach diving...his new boat rocks. Twin cats, fuel efficient and fast. Roomy too. Amy has about the same boat, with Detroits. Beat the crap out if the old crew boats. If you end up near me on the way, let me know...we can hang..
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    Who wants to dive?

    I'm helping one of 'em. Since the big crew boat got sold, al has been running a six pack, no need for a DM when you have two captains as well. Damn, need to get a licence, lol. Amy has a boat as well, but not for charters, only fun diving. But, someone still needs to hook :-) BTW...I want to...
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    Who wants to dive?

    Vis...what's that, lol. 10-15, but..there is a 70 foot long ship in it...along with the normal stuff, boats, steam shovel, etc. Depth average 45. Lines connect everything. Easy dives.
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    Who wants to dive?

    Willow is near Harrisburg, pa. May and I will be in nc, as well.
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    Who wants to dive?

    I might be interested in something local...millbrook, willow....
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    Inland Wreck Diving

    Its cheaper to dive Canada/St Lawrence, and the wrecks are more intact than NC. The boat rides are way shorter as well. We ran Kingston to "The City of Sheboygan" in around 40 minutes, versus 90 minutes to 2 hours for most NC wrecks. From where I live, Kingston and NC are equa-distant, so it...
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    Ethical views??? looking for a little insight

    I'll voice my opinion, as for war graves, I see no reason not to dive the wrecksite. Do you stay out of battlefields/cemetaries? As for those on here that live in Europe, just driving or walking near Ypres/Somme/Verdun- where thousands are still MIA from World War One, means you are doing the...
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    Good light for deep dive - advanced open water cert

    Ikelite PC lite is good for a small, bright light. Fits in a pocket, I use one for a backup, but could be used as a main light for OW stuff. As for where you are diving, if you are going off the NJ/NY coast, at 85 ftsw, its not black, but its not the brightest either. Most boats there do 2...
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