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    Recommendations for the GBR in Feb?

    Just asking out of curiosity more than anything but wondered if anyone has dived around the Palm Islands out of Townsville? Pretty much zero tourism there and other than the Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander settlement no real development, and a bit further offshore than Magnetic Island so just...
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    Cost of Artificial Reefs?

    A research team at the NUS Experimental Marine Ecology lab in Singapore have been working on including micro habitats onto already existing seawalls, jetties and the like using sculpted tiles and rocks to turn them into more artificial reef-like environments. While you can easily build a new...
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    Be Cautious Diving and Traveling Abroad

    You'll be fine in French Polynesia. It's a region of France with some local autonomy for certain things, so all "big" things like equalities issues are controlled by the mainland, and as far as local attitudes go, FP is by far the most cosmopolitan place in the south pacific. Tons of tourists...
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    Best dive spots along NSW north coast?

    Not to worry, my other half is Aussie so she's keeping me safe ^_^ - Little dab of vegemite on pulse points and behind the ears has done wonders for me so far, not a single ambush from those little buggers!
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    Best dive spots along NSW north coast?

    Cool - thanks for the heads up! I have heard good stuff about SWR on a couple of fronts, so could be a good option... less driving too :)
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    Best dive spots along NSW north coast?

    Sounds like the entirety of the north coast now, sadly. We're stuck in Sydney rental hell and want to buy outside the city, and it's just insane. I was reading on Mike McFafyen's site that a lot of the sites in Byron that used to be dived are no longer offered by the local operators and it's all...
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    Best dive spots along NSW north coast?

    Sorry to re-open and old thread, but felt a lot of the info on here is still relevant and would like some local input. We're planning a trip up the coast for next summer (prob late nov / early dec, just before the hols) and are split between whether to base in Coffs or Byron (or somewhere...
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    Cobra - Sync issue?

    Hi all, I've tried to dump my Cobra logs to my PC for the first time since *checks logbook* 2009 (for reals?!) and have downloaded DM5. It downloads the dive logs like a dream, but will *not* sync when it comes to updating the sample interval and resetting dive data, which annoyingly you can...
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    Beginner Budget Setup

    Going for a used setup can save you a lot, but it's a gamble. I did that and piked up an old Olympus TG-3 which I've absolutely loved, but sadly it looks like the electronics have finally gone. I'll go for a new camera this time, but it got me started and for the price I really can't complain.
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    Is there such thing as a simple point and click?

    Looks like I've found my new camera!
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    Diving in Cuba?

    Just updating this in case anyone else looking for Cuba information stumbles across this thread. Be aware that the dual currency system was closed down on the 1st Jan this year. The "convertible peso" has been withdrawn. All transactions are now with the standard peso (moneda nacional). The...
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    What Computer ?SPG setup and System ?

    I suspect you're right. Distribution is a big cost - there's a big inventive to keep it farmed out if you can, especially in a sector that's hardly booming, and esp in North America, away from their home market. Thankfully my Cobra has been good as gold and I'm super-fond of it, but I'm fully...
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    Should I wear a snorkel or not

    And what happens if you dont?
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    What Computer ?SPG setup and System ?

    I like Suunto specifically because the caution in the calculations. Almost all models are wrist/watch style these days. I think the only current console style they do is the Cobra 3, which has the benefit of being hose air integrated and having an electronic compass built in too, so cuts out a...
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    Should I wear a snorkel or not

    Is that one of the new roll-up ones that fit in a BCD pocket? Putting it together must be a real PITA...
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