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    Hose Routing for Doubles

    If you do not consider the S600 real regs I am really curious to know what is a real reg, I use those and never had a problem, dives to 250+ft and some in waters 45- (around 6 Celsius). Use both as doubles reg and for stage bottles, the only difference from warm to cold waters I make is in the...
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    A700 MK17, MK25, or Apeks XTX 200??? Anyone breathe on all these regs??

    Used all except the A700, they are all great, it is difficult to say one is better then the other, maybe the only diference would be if you have preference between diaphragm and piston, MK25 is a balanced piston, all the others are diaphragm. I use the XTX200 in my singles setup, MK25/S600 in my...
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    Nitrox diving and your computer settings

    I see no reason not to do it...
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    Decision time: Bottom Time or Drysuits?

    +1 Get the drysuit
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    Cleaning your regulator

    Same for me, soak in warm water (be careful, warm, not hot) to dissolve the salt and then rinse it
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    Doubles Cylinder Selection

    Well I use HP120 (actually it is the Worthington X8-119) and am very satisfyed, I use it mostly for wreck diving and caves.
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    Dry Suit Plumbing....where to start?

    Looks like you got a drysuit with pee valve instaled... The small one probably goes from a hole in one of the legs (closed probably with a small screw) and have the other end loose, right? If so this end is to be connected to something like a comdom that I supose you know where to put... :D so...
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    Dive planning software questions

    I use Decoplanner and V-Planner from the above, Decoplanner has also a Palmtop version (maybe V-Planner also does, but I am not sure, only use Decoplanner on palm)
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    Drysuit neck seal. How tight is tight?

    That works fine for me too, unconfortable on land, but unoticeble in the water
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    New diver looking for gear advice

    About the computer my advice is not to go for air integrated, IMHO it is not worth the price and it is a potential failure point. In my case I not even use a computer, I use just a botton timer and depth gauge and plan my dive, but nothing agaisnt computer, just my choice (and luckly, although...
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    Questions about inflator hose

    As coldsomke mentioned, do not unhook the wing. I also use the closed SMBs and think they are great, but I am always on a drysuit, I use the suit hose and if by any chance I am in a wetsuit, most probably I will be using an open SMB, to inflate purging the reg, in this case I switch to backup...
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    "The Perfect Dive"

    ...While your ride on the baby whale finishes and you waive goodby to the whale family and start returning to the bungalow, you find a darker spot in the water. You head in that direction and find out it is a passage way to a deeper area where lies a non explored cruiser shipwreck at 200 ft...
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    "The Perfect Dive"

    A Diferent Jessica for me... Jessica Biel... :D
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    Regulator Opinion

    I dive the MK25s, they are great!! My second is S600, but the G250 is also great second stage.
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    Regulator setup question.

    No, they don't have to match, either first and second stages, although IMO it is desirable, but you must be confortable breathing from either of them, something like "let's buy a cheap one for backup..." does not work for tech, specially if you go for a long hose in your primary, which I...
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