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    The Final Word on + Ratings?

    Make sure before your next hydro you ask the test station BEFORE your hydro if they do plus ratings. If it leaves the hydro facility with a new date stamp and no plus stamp it may be five years before your next chance for a plus rating. Once it is skipped I am told it is much harder to find...
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    Tusa compass

    I like the compasses that have a very large and obvious arrow that indicate north. The mark on the actual magnetic dial not the mark on the bezel. I always liked oceanic compasses for that reason, very large arrow indicating north. Also some consoles position a compass on the backside of the...
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    Scubapro R109

    I got my G250V back from a service a couple years back and noticed my stem was bent a little as well. It was one of those things that I couldn't be certain it was not bent before but I would usually notice something like that. Functions okay and plan to have it replaced at its' next service.
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    SMB Question

    To all you spool you ever encounter any curling of the line after winding in greater lengths of line. I have seen the double ender used to wrap the line and also just hand over hand. The one problem with hand looping something onto a spool is it can cause curling of the line. The...
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    Worthington hydro

    I was wondering if the low pressure worthington tanks fall under the same pre-test procedure ?
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    How often do you change your dive computer battery?

    My old Aeris has given me some weird battery charge readings sometimes just after a battery change. If it starts to do this repeatedly I change the battery. Otherwise I watch the indicator and as everyone else has mentioned annually would not be to often if you are diving a bit. Taking a look...
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    What do you do with your keys?

    I use a demo key attached to a standard bolt snap with line a little heavier than cave line so it does not flop around as much. Very little slack between bolt snap and key, but a little. I clip the bolt snap with key to BC upper D-Ring and stash the electronic key in the trunk. Trunks get...
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    LOST: Brand new Titanium dive knife off Perry Street.

    Jenny, I don't get down that way much but will keep that in mind if I hear anything. I mark both my sheath and also the blade. On the titanium blades they seem to hold a good id marking with a sharpie marker.
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    Dive Flag / SMB for South Florida beach diving

    While not all boaters understand the dive flag meaning many do. Also members of the group should have safety sausages or smb's as well in case there is a seperation and they find themselves alone. The diver towing flag should also have an smb in case by some chance the dive flag gets away. If...
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    How to deal with a power inflator that is stuck open at depth?

    The super light depressing of the button is not the root of the problem but it does seem to encourage sticking when there are other problems with the inflator. The inflator hose can be tougher to get off when pressurized especially with gloves. I have recently been working on inflating my smb...
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls

    Hey Jim, thanks for that I would have certainly just cruised by. Funny, I think we had been discussing eels and sure enough I found what I believe was a moray rather than a spotted eel in the end of a pipe south of the moored boats on the east side, pretty good size.
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    Faber 3180 plus rated HP tanks ?

    Did you have any ditchable weight when using this as a single and a 7mm ? I can see as doubles that it would be probably to much negative buoyancy. The thick wetsuits become difficult to calculate due to the greater amount of compression and buoyancy lost at depth. The single would also be to...
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    Water temps on West Palm ?

    The viz over the last week or so has been good. Between storms this time of year you can actually find some pretty good diving.
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    Water temps on West Palm ?

    I showed an 82 degree temp on a dive in lauderdale on wednesday. These days I wait even a bit longer for the shorty wetsuit when I start seeing 83 or even 84 or when the outside temps start hitting 92 (kind of average once summer temps start) then I will also go with the shorty if for no other...
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    Faber 3180 plus rated HP tanks ?

    The 3180 might not be a bad tank for those colder waters when wearing a full 7mm or more. I dove the 3442 Faber 100 today and its' buoyancy was very close to my LP85's. What's with the narrow wobbly boot on those Faber tanks ? I found the tank to trim and dive well and other than the boot it...
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