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    Z lens

    does anyone here use a Nikon Z 7 with a Z mount lens underwater?
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    Help! Olympus housing - can't remove port!

    I got another housing and another cam (refurbished). One has dome, one has stock port.
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    Fin suggestion after injury

    Hi, I had a recent Achilles tendon rupture with surgical repair. I have 800 dives in the past 8 years, all ocean. I have always preferred a Blade-type lightweight paddle fin. Any recommendation for my first fins when I can get back in water. Looking for lightweight, narrow, open heel. Thanks...
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    How do you find buddies in bonaire?

    So when are you going, Sinbad? I'll be there Jan and Feb.
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    General questions before first trip to Bonaire.

    I go every year for a month. This year 2 months (Jan-Feb). Does that tell you anything about how I like it?! Buddys is a good place for first timers, due to the convenience factor. Not so luxurious, but It has everything you asked for. The joy of Bonaire is renting a truck and exploring all...
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    How many to keep

    Twice I have tried to delete pix from my camera prior to saving them to computer, and got in the rhythm of hitting buttons deleting one after another. Then deleted the whole bunch by accident. No more deleting individual pics from camera for me!!
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    Why I shoot Raw - Video Tutorial - Lightroom

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. Very well done. Also the example by the second poster was enlightening.
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    travel computer

    1.any recommendations for a travel computer that still allows photo editing. 2. Macs or PCs for final editing? 3. What about the new touch screen pro? Thank you!
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    Fluorescent dive light

    Any one know where to buy the UV light and mask cover to do the fluorescent night diving? Thanks
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    "Fluorescent dive" light

    Anyone know where to buy the UV light and mask cover to do the fluorescent dives? Thanks
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    new fisheye lens

    Anyone tried the new fisheye lens? How is sharpness. Why does focus have to be on macro all the time. Thanks !
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    Single Diver in Bonaire

    Dive Bonaire solo. Great place for it. Diving there is about as safe as you could ever have.
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    Aruba trip report - Dive Aruba

    Have dived with Clive for 6 years, sometimes more than once a year. One word: Great! (I go to Bonaire every year and yes, some of the sites in Aruba compete favorably with Bonaire)
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    Insel baggage

    take clothes you can just wash in the shower with yourself. I stay 4 weeks every year and always pack too much. I take a paint-stained outfit for wearing to the dive sites (my "Bonaire uniform"), never had it stolen out of the truck yet ! ha ha It is nylon and dries in a few hours...
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