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    Just laid on my coffee table and did the frog kick

    Some other good locations might be the kitchen counter or on top of the refrigerator. You know, if you're the adventurous type!
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    On Island Trip Report Bonaire 20 Feb - 11 Mar

    I saw the post that said the sign prohibiting diving at salt pier was no longer there. But would like to get some official confirmation from the authorities there that diving is again allowed without a permit. Would hate to be leading someone astray here and getting them in trouble just...
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    On Island Trip Report Bonaire 20 Feb - 11 Mar

    Red Slave was one of our favorite dives. Have to watch the current but even just getting in the water is cool because of the view of the southern tip of the island. It can be a bit intimidating watching that water roll around the bottom of the island and whip past the west side...
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    On Island Trip Report Bonaire 20 Feb - 11 Mar

    The colder the better. Need the water to cool down to help the coral past all the bleaching it is experiencing. Any observations on coral bleaching, btw, Adeveke?
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    Curacao or Bonaire?

    The incredible access to awesome reefs from the entire western shore of Bonaire, plus Klein Bonaire (by boat) is unrivaled in the diving world. If you want a vacation with diving as the focus, go to Bonaire. If you want on-island activities as your primary focus and some diving thrown in, then...
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    Who nose?

    This was a fear of mine as well when I did the no mask swim. Here is what I do to get rid of the problem. On dry land, practice breathing in a two step process. Breath out through your mouth, then shut off the airflow by allowing the back of your tongue to go up against the roof of your...
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    Asthmatic looking to scuba dive - had a dive physical today...

    You need a second opinion from a doctor that is familiar with scuba diving and isn't scared of his own shadow. Unless you have a physical abnormality that makes you different than any other mild asthmatic, you are going to be fine. Still need a doctor to tell you that but based on your...
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    PADI certification Cards

    What planet were you on when you did your Nitrox cert. That might be part of the problem. :dork2:
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    Stomach Problems in the Red Sea - how to avoid!

    Taker MREs, drink a beer at every meal, don't kiss any toilet seats, keep motion sickness pills handy and use early if waves are up. Dive well!
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    pissed right now...grrr

    This is absolutely correct. If you have "day after" issues with your ears, you need to pay attention to your hydration. Also, something I learned in military altitude physiology from doing chamber flights is to do a lot of valsalva maneuvers (pinch nose and blow softly against it to lightly...
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    Fear of Deep/Open Water

    Actually, your best option is this. Go to Bonaire and discover the world's best shore diving. My wife has the same issues. Doesn't like to descend in deep water to a bottom she can't see. But when she can do a shallow descent along the bottom from the shore, she is frequently amazed at the...
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    Hey new here.... gear question...

    Clue: Don't listen to a thing this guy says. Not even sure he knows what SCUBA stands for.
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    Skydiver wanting to turn to Scuba Diving

    You can still get that adrenaline rush that you might be craving. Simply disregard your air remaining reading on your console some time while diving. It will be great fun. Enjoy!
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