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    Manufacturers that don't require brick & mortar?

    Hello all, We're currently a mobile operation teaching out of a high school pool and dragging a large trailer full of gear/equipment to the lake for OW. Does anyone know if there are any manufacturers that do not require a brick and mortar location to rep? It's on the horizon, but we'd like to...
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    Fin advice

    Been fishing for a while now, but just now upgrading to long fins. Trying to decide between the Spetton MF30 Evo Flex (~$160) or the Beuchat Mondial One (~100) and I can't seem to find really good reviews on either of these fins. Can someone shed some light on the subject, or if you know more...
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    Dive Isla Providencia & Guanaja aboard US flagged schooner Alliance

    Hello all. Following the amazing time we had last time, we are opening up our winter trips to the diving community. We are a US Flagged schooner out of Virginia that specializes in summer daysails and winter trips south. Last time, we headed down and had an amazing time in Isla Providencia...
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    Logging Time towards my Captain License

    So on any boat you work on, you should collect a sea service letter from the captain upon receipt of your last paycheck. As of last month, they are not requiring the small vessel sea service form unless you are an owner/operator, rental, etc. I have redacted and uploaded one of mine to give...
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    Isla Providencia In December/January

    I don't have my log, but I dove IP last Jan and it was awesome. I went with Felipe and they were hands down the nicest, easiest to get along with guys ever. They picked us up every morning/dropped us off without charging, and knew all the best spots. Alex (aka Fats) is the man. The...
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    Wanted: Rescue divers and above wanted for work.

    Tard - I also shot you a PM with my info...I'm in VA. Let me know if you need anything else. - H3
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    Housing for Canon Rebel XTi

    I appreciate the heads up...still looking for the XTi housing though. Thanks
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    Need your help with article writing

    You have a private message.
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    Housing for Canon Rebel XTi

    Who still has one of these? I just bought my first DSLR (XTi) and I'd like to score a housing for it. I searched, but every one I emailed had already sold, so who still has a housing for one of these? PM me, or hit me @ for a faster response. Thanks, - H3
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    Smith Mountain Lake - Underwater town - Fact or Fiction?

    Dead thread bump! I'm headed to SML in May (13-16) and will be packing all of my gear. Any one done anything with this since the last post? Coords on that bridge scan? I don't have a boat ATM, working on that hopefully in the meantime. Also, any one know of a filling station within range...
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    Hatteras Village, Today through Aug 30.

    Why would you hand somebody a loaded speargun? Appreciate the website, didn't even know there was a fourth boat down there. I was trying to get up with JT but, like I posted, he was full. Art & the Margie II were, um, unavailable, and then the Fish was out of water. :-P
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    Hatteras Village, Today through Aug 30.

    Talked to JT, he's full on Fri. His boat is available weds & thurs...anyone wanna make the trip? He needs 4 to pull out...
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    Hatteras Village, Today through Aug 30.

    P.S. - I'll also be doing some inshore spearfishing from a private boat, if anyone is interested...
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    Hatteras Village, Today through Aug 30.

    I'm in Hatteras Village this week, looking to see if anybody wants to catch up and do some diving. Sounds like bottom is churned up a bit, so most likely later in the week. I'm gonna drop in on Capt. JT this evening and get his schedule for the rest of the week. If anyone wants to meet up, my...
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    Project to build a mini-commercial filling station..

    I hate to sound cliche' with the c-card extravaganza, but there are agencies that offer certifications that will cover a lot of the basic questions you have. At the very least, you should hang around a shop that fills and get comfortable working with the equipment. With this approach, you will...
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