Born and raised in South FLA. Loved boats and the water all of my life. Born 1958 and still healthy and adventurous. Lucky to have a wife that is the same!
Florida, USA
Certification Agencies
Dive History
I come from the day when your OW card was all you needed to do any dive you wanted, even deco dives (we were trained then in deco theory and knew the tables by heart). Dive Fla, Bahamas, Cayman reefs/walls/wrecks (exterior) and deep dives. Lots of freediving as well (hit 90' once, when I was young!). Deepest dive, on air, 240' on the Wilkes-Barre off of Key West. Was off for about 10 years and am getting back in. Just dove in Bali and Indonesia--amazing!!! Always looking to improve and will be taking the GUE Fundamentals.
Certification History
PADI open water 1978. PADI Nitrox 2011. PADI AOW 2013.
Certification Level
PADI Nitrox and AOW
# of dives
1000 - 2499
Dive Classification
Experienced Diver
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
Streamlined OW with primary on 48" hose routed under the arm with a right angle adapter, bungied secondary. Poseidon Xtreams. Halcyon eclipse 40. Galileo Sol computer wih Aladin 2G back-up. Watershot light, OMS pressure gauge. Atomic frameless mask, Cressi Master Frog fins.
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