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    Pictures from 2012 Live Aborad
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    Sherwater Petrel 1 for sale with VPM unlocked

    Selling my used Petrel (this is the original, not a Petrel 2). There are no scratches on the main part of the screen thanks to the original screen protector. There are normal scratches near the edges of the screen that are not in the display area. The body of the unit shows normal wear. The...
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    Tahoe Benchmark 2015?

    +1. Donated.
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    WTB: Gavin Short Body HDPE

    That's a really good price, Lord. Very tempting. I'm going to look a bit more and also expand my search to include a Cuda 400.
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    WTB: Gavin Short Body HDPE

    I'm in the market for a Gavin Short Body HDPE. To help with shipping hassles, batteries are not required and the charger is optional. If you have one or know someone considering selling, drop me a PM. Thanks! Greg
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    Dive from a boat in Lake Tahoe

    Andrew, three hour burn time on your nuclear powered Gavin? :D
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    Dive from a boat in Lake Tahoe

    After three summer months of green Monterey water, the clear blue waters of Tahoe are a nice change of pace. Looking forward to hearing more details about your operation.
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    Good News about Point Lobos Fees

    Great news, Bruce! The BAUE board had a two hour meeting with Jim last Saturday. I think he also received a lot of passionate feedback via letters, phone calls, and general complaining at the gate.
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    Ya know what stinks....

    Mark, You may have received an email from the park by now but if not, Point Lobos is closed tomorrow due to storm damage. Not just closed for divers, closed period. The bad news is you won't be diving there. The good news is you'll get a refund or credit!
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    Lobo rates going up?

    Raising fees as a way to promote "access" is absurd so it wouldn't surprise me if the CA Park System would consider such a tactic. I know there are a few "squatters" who snap up reservations and may or may not use them. For the individuals I know who do this, raising the fees won't dissuade...
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    Lobo rates going up?

    Physical proof of certification required (even for frequent divers known by name), all dive team members must be present at checkin or entry will be denied, reservation transfers will require repayment, no transfers at the gate, etc. While the first two are enforcement of existing rules, the...
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    Lobo rates going up?

    We have a new Park Administrator at Lobos. Since his/her appointment, the dive rules have tightened up and now the fees have increased. From a purely bureaucratic standpoint, I can understand the appeal: Casual weekend Lobos visitors pay $10, drive around for 20 minutes and exit the park...
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    Lobo rates going up?

    $20 per diver? What a bunch of bull$hit! I'm going to start researching formal methods of appeal/protest.
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    Long Shot: 8/22/2014 Lost GoPro on the back side of Molokini

    Thanks Shaka. It is possible the camera came off a bit closer to a shallow ledge. If it did sink all the way to 300', it is a lost cause since the Hero 3+ housing is only rated to 130'. Anyway, we've had several GoPro cameras lost and found recently in our local Monterey waters where...
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