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    Cozumel Dive report

    Boy I miss that Tequila tour.
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    Yahoo! reached 200 dives!

    Great news. I'm closing in on 100.
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    10 yr old Wreck Diver

    It looked like a pretty open wreck to me. I read a few posts before I watched the video and thought "Crap this kid must be inside the Andrea Dora," It looked more like a swim through. I wonder how those Frieghter Captians see around all that stuff on the front of the ship. Oh yeah they have...
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    Dive Park at Lake Lanier

    Have you talked to any of the Dive shops or the Reef Dwellers? I'm sure they could help.
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    Dive Park at Lake Lanier

    What about the recent court ruling? Would that have anything in it to stop this?
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    Holy Crap, my booties stink!!!!

    Embrace that funk. It will make you stronger! But really don't throw them in the dryer unless you know an infant that needs booties. I use Woolite (sp?) on a short cold cycle and then dry them in the sun. It always works.
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    Shop Closing

    I was in yesterday and they said the sale starts friday.
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    Dive Haven, decent diving?

    Hey Borg, Last night they had a show on History called Ghost Ship about the Great Lakes. Check that out when you get a chance.
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    Sister Looney conglomerant

    That's your name the Toona Fish.
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    Boat Drinks! Boyz in the Band ordered Boat Drinks!!!

    Why would a sane person live in a place that had weather like that? 15 degrees!
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    Another Thing that bugs me about dive shops

    On-line is almost always cheaper, but if you have a problem it's much easier to go to your LDS and say fix it. I can stand and talk to a person holding the BC and say this doesn't work. With an On-line shop I've got to describe it over the phone or email and maybe ship it back and forth. I'll...
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    Did you know, these people are divers?

    Say what you want about Jessica Alba and Kari Byron and who ever else, Salma Hayek is a diver.
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    Should Seals be hunted?

    Well so much for tongue in cheek answers.
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    Should Seals be hunted?

    Why don't we hunt cows?
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    Should Seals be hunted?

    If we are going to hunt something because they kill alot of fish and damage harbors, why not shoot fishermen and oil tanker crews. Their population is very strong. But it depends on the population and area you are hunting. I'm sure no one would suggest blasting away at a Monk Seal.
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