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    Kona trip in four days- Dive op or stick to Shore?

    We do self guided dives at Two Step, Pebble and Miloli’i. All pretty safe and simple if you are familiar with your compass. The dive ops often hit the same old spots over and over on the regular dive trip. How many dives do you want at Suck em up?
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    Kona dive op for Young diver?

    We dive with all of the Kona dive ops and they are all very good. For a small group your best chances are with Kona Honu divers. The other ops have large boats and have a good chance at a pack of divers in the boat. Talk with them on the phone and they’ll be happy to discuss making it a...
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    New arrival testing in Maui, how has it been on Hawaii?

    Big Island has a simple process after deplaning...follow the signs and instructions to the second testing area. Very simple and if no issues with your test, you get out relatively quickly and proceed to baggage claim.
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    Kona Manta Ops and Shore Diving Rentals

    The big three are Jack's Dive Locker, Big Island Divers and Kona Honu no particular order. All three are Very Good Dive Companies and will give Top Notch Service and be Very Safe. Some of the smaller companies will also take out divers to see the mantas...I haven't gone with them...
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    Wetsuit in March?

    Visitors are often in a 3mm but the locals might be in a 5mm or even thicker. Water temp right now is @ 78 degrees...might go up another degree by then.
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    Kauai Thoughts

    So much can change between now and then but be flexible in any regard. We live on Big Island and regulations here are a bit more reasonable than Kauai. Have a back up plan or two in place. I always use to find the best rental car prices. It might be a good idea to have a couple...
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    Body of missing teenage diver found off Yokohama Bay

    Most likely he was free-diving off of a canoe. Body of missing teenage diver found off Yokohama Bay
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    Is there good drift diving on the Hawaiian islands?

    Diving near South Point on Big Island would be considered "drift diving". You'll need your own boat.
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    Kona in October

    Scuba Shore Diving Site Listing for: The Big Island, Hawaiian Islands
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    Coronavirus at the beach? Uh-oh...maybe no diving for a while.

    We have been jonesing to get in the water and were hoping to do a dive at Haolewood at Papa Bay. Looks like we'll keep that on the back burner. Coronavirus at beaches? Surfers, swimmers should stay away, scientist says - West Hawaii Today
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    everybody ok?

    Hunkered down here in Ocean View. With all the recent rains and currents we haven't been in the water lately. We are taking it that scuba counts as swimming and hoping to get in down at Haolewood soon. Our buddy has a compressor so no problem getting tanks filled.
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    Kauai Scuba Diver Death 3/3/2020

    Male visitor dies while scuba diving PORT ALLEN – Hugh Morris, a 58-year-old man from Oregon, died Monday while scuba diving in waters off Port Allen Small Boat Harbor in a location known as “Amber’s Arches.” According to a preliminary report, the company Bubbles Below was conducting a tour and...
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    Kona Dive Boat Operators

    Kona Honu is a good outfit. They are also the only op that I know of (In Kona) that has 100 cf tanks available. You won't go wrong with KH...lots of good dives coming your way. The water in September should be great.
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    Kona Dive Boat Operators

    The water in September should be great. We live on the south end of the island in Ocean View so we like Miloli'i Pier and Da Rack/Haolewood. Two-Step is one of the most famous/popular dives on the island and should be on your itinerary. Alot depends on where you are staying. Up towards Puako...
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    Kona Dive Boat Operators

    All the ops in Kona are very good. They are all priced right about the same as well. We dive mostly by ourselves shore diving but when wanting a boat trip it is usually with Big Island Divers but have gone out with JDL, Kona Honu and others.
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