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    Playa Del Carmen diving information

    Sorry if I was unclear. Our guide was an instructor and was fully cave certified and dove with full cave gear. He also was our guide for some of our open water dives so I guess I was using the term divemaster in a generic sense. I should have said dive leader. Sorry for any confusion this...
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    Playa Del Carmen diving information

    My wife and I dove with Tank Ha last summer and had a blast. We went on a cenote dive with just the 2 of us and the divemaster. They also have a boat that goes directly to Coz, so you do not have to spend your whole day taking the ferry back and forth toting gear. It was our first non quarry...
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    Playa del Carmen: Dive shop & dive sites

    My wife and I had a great experience diving with Tank Ha last summer. They even took us on a Cenote dive when we were the only two divers...Awesome customer service and great DM's. Their rental gear was in good repair and they are the only dive shop that has a direct boat to Coz. glen
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    Updating from Junior to normal certification

    My daughter just turned fifteen and we did update her SEI Jr. AOW to AOW (and got a 2 star CMAS card to boot). We just called SEI and got the cards about a week later. There was a small fee, but it was worth it to avoid any confusion later. She also feels more grown up by dropping the Jr. off...
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    Quarry conditions (White Star& Portage)?

    Thanks for the info everyone. As long as the weather holds out later in the week we will be going to White Star and Portage. I cut my teeth at Portage and my wife has never been. I will be sure to post a report (hopefully positive...) glen
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    Quarry conditions (White Star& Portage)?

    My wife and I are going to take a couple of days and dive White Star and Gilboa next week. We were thinking about a stop at Portage but conditions have been so bad the last 2 years I don't know if it is worth the time. Has anyone been to Portage this year, can you update on conditions? thanks...
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    Travel with SEI card

    Thanks guys, I can't wait to dive in something other than a quarry!!! glen
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    Travel with SEI card

    I am going to be traveling to Playa Del Carmen in June. I have a SEI OW and AWO card, are divers having any trouble with the SEI card being recognized out of the US? thanks glen
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    Great day doing first dives after OW classes

    Glad to hear you had a good day at Gilboa. Did they get cleaned up from the storm? I heard they got hit pretty bad. I will be up there this weekend as my wife and youngest daughter are finishing their OW course. BTW Dave is a great guy to dive with...We dove together when I was trying out...
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    Disappointing Open Water Dive certification...

    My wife and daughter will be doing their OW cert dives at Gilboa in 2 weeks and they had to wear 7mm suits for all of their pool work. I can't believe that they put you in the quarry with a thick suit and hood without training in the gear. I was at Gilboa last week and comfortablly dived to...
  11. Gilboa friend

    Gilboa friend

  12. daughter working on trim

    daughter working on trim

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    How Much Consideration Goes Into Your Choice of PADI/NAUI/SSI etc. for New Divers?

    I knew nothing about diving before certification. We got a phone call from my daughter's school saying they were going to start a scuba class and students and parents could be involved. We decided that it could be fun. Ended up being a SEI course and it was great. My wife and youngest...
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    WTB Zeagle Lazer (M) or Zeagle Stiletto (L)

    Sorry about the confusion. I had reversed the sizes in the original post and I still cannot get it to change on the main title. I have edited the post. The Stiletto should be MED and the Lazer should be Large. glen
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    WTB Zeagle Lazer (M) or Zeagle Stiletto (L)

    My wife is getting certified and has been using a Stiletto (Med) and Lazer (LARGE) in her classes and would like to purchase a used one (in nice operational condition). If you have one sitting in your locker that is not getting used that you would like to sell for a fair price let me know. Send...
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