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    Tom Mount

    I just saw this and replied on another forum, but we're blessed in the tech and cave diving communities to have some of the bravest, interesting and unique people that we sometimes get to meet and know. At a NACD seminar some years ago, Tom and I somehow got into a quick discussion about...
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    Diving Roman ruins in Italy

    Don't worry, they will!
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    Sell or hang onto my Nikon....?

    I've only had one housing leak before and it was in salt water around 100 feet deep. My Nikon was a total loss but the lens got repaired by them, and I still use it! The housing also wasn't an issue to get repaired and re-use.
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    Diving Roman ruins in Italy

    Thanks Nik! Baia is one of my favorite places I've been blessed to live in. Even if it was decades ago and for a short time. Our step-father worked for Honeywell, so my brother and I got to grow up in our middle school and high school years in West Germany, Italy, California and Taiwan, ROC...
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    Info “The Aging Diver” Seminar with Dr Doug Ebersole (13 Jan 22)

    Could you please add me in for the talk tomorrow? Online version....
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    Where to dive in Bavaria (Germany)?

    Not to start a whole talk here, but I was asked years ago about possibly joining a group of divers from Florida looking for some items possibly worth a lot of money dumped in a lake in Bayern sometime perhaps in the mid 1940s. This one treasure hunter claimed to have intel on where this was and...
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    Vero beach shore diving

    Not Vero, but the remains of the Urca de Lima Spanish 1715 wreck off-shore near Ft. Pierce. My son and I swam out to it from shore when he was 10 or 11. I shared my octopus and it was his first time using scuba in open water. We easily found the ship's keel in the reef and as I recall, they...
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    Info “The Aging Diver” Seminar with Dr Doug Ebersole (13 Jan 22)

    I'd love to attend this too but I'll be traveling.
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    Diving Roman ruins in Italy

    Back to Baia, grazie for posting the underwater ruins photos. We lived in Baia in 1977 when I was 14 and we spent many an hour (and afternoon) exploring Baia baths, mostly all above water on the adjacent hillside, but with some parts submerged underwater. The coolest was the so-called Oracle...
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    Florida Divers! Year End Summary

    2021 was definitely an off diving year for me due to working out of state for months and then having some heart/health issues where I was actually told by doctors (and DAN) not to dive. (Lower than normal heart ejection fraction due to a previous virus that damaged my heart muscle.) So, while I...
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    Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or its FREE!!

    Didn't stay there overnight, but visited it back around 2005 and shot some photos, got a tour, etc. It seemed pretty unique and I've always thought about going back for an overnight stay. A film production buddy of mine had worked for them doing some PR.
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    Trip Report Crystal River Manatee Snorkel- November 27, 2021

    I wonder if you had my cave diving buddy and long time friend Capt. John S. as your tour capt. If you did, you all were in great hands.
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    Key Largo Accomodations- Early December

    There was an older historic hotel in Key Largo I believe, or perhaps Islamorada that reopened years ago. I stayed there at the suggestion of Conch Republic Dive Shop and loved it. It looked closed the last time I was down there, but that was last year during the time places were shuttered due...
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    COVID recovery and high gas usage

    I'm curious too if anyone knows their heart's ejection fraction (EF) number after covid and/or vaccinations. "Normal" is between 50 and 60. If anyone on here that's had issues knows their EF, please post it. (The low and higher/normal number.)
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    Thanks for this info. I had an IPE on open circuit while cave diving near High Springs in 2019. My first and hopefully only time. (I wrote about it in a 2020 NSS-CDS UWS issue.) My cardiologist said a virus I had early in 2019 likely weakened my heart which led to an IPE. I didn't dive for...
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