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    Current bottom temps at Anilao (say 30m)

    2 years ago, at this time 24/25°C.
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    Flying with Regulators into and out of the Philippines

    Always carry my regulators in my wetsuit in my checked bag. Never had a problem. You will have to check your luggage in MAnilla, so you will have the ^possibility to put them in the checked luggage locally.
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    Best places for inexperienced divers in november

    The problem with Anilao is that a lot of it is macro muck diving. In order to do this you need a VERY VERY GOOD Buoyancy. I doubd that OW + 10 dives would give you this level .
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    Return to Anilao and ASDC..

    Water in February was more like 25°C. I am VERY surprised by the 21° noted here.
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    Tips for all going to Egypt

    Since I do not like to see woman dressed in Burka in my country, I believe that woman should be dressed in a way that respects local manners. So in Egypt, my wife does not bare short pants. It is a matter of respect for the population one is visiting.
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    American missing off of Batangas - Philippines

    TRIMIX TRAINING dive @ 100 m with current. Maybe not a great idea :letsparty:
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    Aquaventure Anilao

    Any link to that "fatal accident"?
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    Nudibranch Lovers

    Thank you Visnu. You are right, a lot of my nudies from Lembeh are on your beautiful serie of pictures. However, I cannot find the identification of each species. Where is the information? Thanks again.
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    Nudibranch Lovers

    is this a flat worm? If yes, ID please :)
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    Nudibranch Lovers

    Hi , I just came back from Lembeh and I have quite a few nudibranches that I could not indentify. I have taken videos on a rather cheap camera "sony RX100" and taken a "frozen" image of them. So please excuse the poor quality of some images.
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    Muck Stick

    I have a muck stick but I found it too short for real much dive photography. I am looking to make or to buy a muck Stick with a total lenght of +/- 18 inches? Thank you
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    Has anyone been to Anilao/PG in October? Good conditions? Terrifying currents?

    Anilao is easy diving. But this is macro diving for a large part. So you better master buyancy. I have never seen a lot of divers on any site, even in Jan-feb.
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    Exposure Suit - February

    Water is not that hot. I am wearing a 5/4/3 mm wetsuit with hood with a 2mm undervest. But I am suscepible to cold.
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    Camiguin Diving

    I did a reef dive in camiguin that was very good . Banka is better
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    Dauin/Apo, Sipalay or a combination of Both

    Hi, we are a couple of divers that are interested in various type of dives, from mud/macro to beautiful coral gardens. We are considering to spend 2 weeks in The Philippines. We have done Anilao, Romblon, a safari SE of Cebu ( camingin/Bohol/Cagayan de Oro ) and we are looking for similar...
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