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    Diving at Beaches Negril Questions

    Just got back from a week at Beaches Negril. Diving was included but we only did 4 dives all week because there just wasn't much to see and it wasn't worth time away from my non-diving family. Dive op was pretty bad since they are not working for tips (resort policy). I tipped anyway, but had...
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    Vigorous exercise during surface interval?

    I'm trying to get in a dive day at the quarry with my son next weekend but I am on a training schedule for an upcoming triathlon. I've already taken too many days off and don't want to give up valuable weekend days, so I'm thinking I may take a long surface interval and sneak in a workout before...
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    any scuba "yard sales" in the NOVA area?

    Thanks for sharing this info. I have a backplate and wing but the wing is for doubles and I only dive single tanks so I'm looking for someone in the opposite situation (has singles wing looking to move up to doubles) to trade.
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    Cape Cod lobster diver swallowed by whale, ejected

    ' I wouldn't say attacked. Sounds like a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or diving in the midst of a bunch of whale food during whale season. I've gone on P-town whale-watching tours and the humpbacks are fairly predictable. They find an upwelling where the sand eels and...
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    Cape Cod lobster diver swallowed by whale, ejected

    Man swallowed by whale off the coast of Cape Cod while lobster diving Amazing story. Fortunately the whale ejected the diver and he was not badly hurt. Spending half a minute inside a whale's mouth is quite a story to tell.
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    Juturna Springs in Maryland is working to re-open

    I'm sure "world class eco-resort" is aspirational but it will be game-changing for DC-area divers and I like that the planners are thinking big. I certainly found the ecology of Juturna distinct from others I've dived in the area (Millbrook, Phoenix, Guppy Gulch, and Dutch Springs) but don't...
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    Returning to diving after middle ear barotrauma?

    By the way, thanks so much @doctormike for your helpful and thoughtful comments here. I asked DAN for some local referrals and they gave me two names, one an ENT who advertises himself as primarily a plastic surgeon, the other a hyperbaric/emergency medicine specialist. I might try to see the...
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    Returning to diving after middle ear barotrauma?

    FWIW, I don't know if it was the tympanogram, but the audiologist did say that she didn't want to do "the test that blows something into my ear" on the first exam because she worried that it could damage the ear drum (or something like that, I don't remember exactly), whereas for the followup...
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    Returning to diving after middle ear barotrauma?

    I was confused by this. Is middle ear barotrauma, which was my diagnosis, significant or not? Or should I infer that you are saying you are convinced there was inner ear injury involved? The examining doctor did not say that, but he did say something about possible cochlear nerve injury, so...
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    Returning to diving after middle ear barotrauma?

    Does this just mean that I should dive extra-conservatively, like be ready to turn any dive where I can't equalize easily? I'm trying to understand if I am at greater risk of injury, or if I am at greater risk of permanent hearing loss *if* I am injured. Relatedly, I'm trying to understand if...
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    Returning to diving after middle ear barotrauma?

    This was very helpful! From what I can tell this was a middle ear barotrauma with effusion, no eardrum rupture. I did have some sensorineural and conductive hearing loss. No other symptoms of inner ear injury though. I was treated with steroids. Here is the audiologist report on 6/27 and then...
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    Returning to diving after middle ear barotrauma?

    Thanks for the responses! They did not diagnose as inner ear problem. I believe it was middle ear barotrauma. I had no dizziness, nausea, or fever at any point. They were unwilling to give a cause, either, even though I was able to describe the conditions in pretty good detail: I did one pair of...
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    Returning to diving after middle ear barotrauma?

    In almost 100 dives I have rarely had trouble equalizing but I did have a problem one day a couple months ago and resulted in a painful week of post-diving ear pain followed by some substantial hearing loss in the affected ear diagnosed via an hour-long test with audiologist. The eardrum was not...
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    Refunds for medical cancellation?

    My wife and I had to go through two different airlines because I got her ticket through a codeshare miles program. Both airlines had a standard process to follow and took care of us. They probably didn’t want a passenger blowing an eardrum on a 15 hour flight.
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