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    Been a While ...

    Haven't logged onto the site for quite a while now, since my heart attack in 2008. Have been trying to rehab and get my stamina back but the damage looks to be permanent now I am unfortunately being forced to give up SCUBA and a 20+ year career as a PADI Divemaster. I just came from...
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    Diving after Heart Attack

    For those of you who have had a heart attack and returned to diving ...what type of clearance letter/documentation did you obtain from your Cardiologist ? Thanks in advance for any and all feedback. 'Slogger (Mark J)
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    Diving after Heart Attack

    Thanks for that Doug. I have to admit that I am being very cautious about my return to diving. I am somewhat atypical in that my left ventricular EF is lower than 50% and yet I am very functional. My own cardiologist admits that I am somewhat of an enigma. My exercise tolerance is actually...
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    Diving after Heart Attack

    Well, I started this thread so I thought it was only fitting that I post an update. My heart attack was in March 2008, as some of you might remember. It was complicated by a 4 hour ambulance ride to the hospital. I have significant left ventricular muscle wall damage and a pretty low ejection...
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    Need to replace my C-5050

    I've got 2 C-5050's and an Ikelite housing with dual Ikelite strobes. That said ...I had a heart attack this past March and may not be able to return to diving. I won't know for sure until next March and, being the eternal optomist, I already have money down on a dive trip for sometime in...
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    Grand Cayman airport question

    In addition to the restuarant in the terminal there is a local couple that set up a grill just outside across from and to the left of the terminal. Picnic table is available to sit and enjoy your meal. MJ
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    Stiffest current you have ever been in?

    Don't recall the exact speed of the current but I distinctly remember that there was a full tank of air on a 15 foot drop line and the tank was literally bobbing at the surface behind the boat. Current was stiff when we enterred the water and picked up dramatically during our 1 hour dive...
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    Diving after Heart Attack

    ==================================== Well ...I feel like am doing well. Hope it's a true indicator. I was in pretty darn good shape when I had the attack and I am certain that is a big factor (along with my attitude and rehab discipline) in my recovery. Had an echo last week actually...
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    Diving after Heart Attack

    Just about 4 months since my heart attack now. Cardiologist is pleased with my progress. Finished 2 months of supervised rehab and now continuing the routine on my own. So far so good. No dysrythmias, heart racing or shortness of breath. Exercise tolerance is noticeably better. Knocking...
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    Just got back from Cay Sal Bank on Nekton Rorqual

    Yeah Charlie ...what camera are you using ?? MJ
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    Just got back from Cay Sal Bank on Nekton Rorqual

    We were scheduled to be on the Cay Sal itinerary leaving this past Saturday. But then I went ahead and had a heart attack (March 2). Needless to say we had to cancel our trip. Sure am glad to hear that the itinerary is a good one though. Been on all the other Nekton itins except for the...
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    50+ year old divers

    59 in July and still have the diving bug. Had a heart attack in March so diving plans are on hold for about a year ...but I intend to come back. Been diving since 1971 and see no reason to let my wet suit go dry quite yet !! MJ
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    What are your favorite fins and why?

    My Force Fins ...because they are the most comfortable fin I've worn in over 35 years of diving and because they meet all my needs as a recreational diver/amateur underwater photographer. MJ
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    How many pills do you take a day?

    I went from ZERO to 10+ after my heart attack ...datgawn it !! MJ
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    How Many BC's do You Own?

    I own 5 BCD's at the moment and would love to sell at least 4 of them. Mark J
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