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    Need someone with Cochran dive software???

    I believe the end user will have it but it had to be purchased along with the USB connector. I have a copy of it along with the USB connector (I have a Gemini and EMC-16). I live in Texas so if you don't get any bites closer to home, I'd be willing to look into for you.
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    SOLD!!! OTS Guardian FFM

    I can let it go for $475 total: $450 + $25 for shipping.
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    SOLD!!! OTS Guardian FFM

    Price is now $500 + $25 for shipping. Any interest?
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    SOLD!!! OTS Guardian FFM

    This mask has only been used twice twice. Once in a salt water pool and once in a fresh water lake. It's just not for me as I learned I prefer to feel the water on my face when I dive. Everything is there that came with the mask including the various nose blocks to get the fit just right...
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    Flourescence Diving Recommendations

    I'm looking into trying out fluo diving on my next trip to Cozumel. I have a few questions to toss out to the group on SB. Any help and insight is greatly appreciated. 1) Blue light vs UV light. I'm leaning towards going with a blue light so that I don't damage the sea life or other divers...
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    Can't Catch a Break...

    My brother responded to this post a week ago (username yle). I just had a very similar shoulder surgery on Feb 18th for a torn labrum and bone spurs. Once the surgeon got in there, he shaved off the bone spurs, removed the bursa sacs which were inflamed and trashed (they grow back), and ended up...
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