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    Komati Springs Mine RSA October 2021

    Nice video, I was there a few weeks ago :) Bit of an odd long hose set-up of the guy in front of you? Is there a reason they bungee it behind like that?
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    Musandam, North Oman

    Oh great, that makes it even easier then :) It was looking like a mission there, but still worth it surely. Now I just have to wait until I get out there again. Soon I hope.
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    Musandam, North Oman

    Thanks for the nice write-up explaining it all. Always wondered about this since Rain Pilot told me about diving there. Keen to give this a go when I am there next.
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    The Great Helium Hunt of 2021

    I was reading about this earlier this week. Some good news for sure. One would hope we get it cheaper here, but I reckon most will be exported and we will still be charged a lot :oops:
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    Necklace Bungee Knot

    I prefer having the bungee done up with the double fisherman knot as mentioned. I too have tried to secure it under the mouthpiece cable tie (as well as its own cable tie) and found the double fisherman to still be better. Securing under the mouthpiece has lead to the mouthpiece coming off (I...
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    bk plate+wing to Sidemount weight difference

    Short answer in bold, waffle answer in the rest :) I don't have the exact matching components to help, but I can offer some insights that may at least give you an idea. Because as you say you are going to do the usual check anyways. But first some other waffle :P I have definitely porked up...
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    Want to Buy Scubapro MK20 Ultra Light - Black Tec

    Thanks Gents, appreciate the insights and caution, but we know these regs well :) And are Scubapro 'fundies' on this end or at least my mate is more than me, who is looking for it. He has had one for ages (Besides the many other Scubapro regs over the years - he is a very long-standing LDS that...
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    But I poop in the late morning (serious question)

    So something that I have found works quite well, is I will hit the loo first thing in the morning when I wake up and err.. 'evacuate' what wants too or is ready...even if it is almost nothing. Then I get to packing the car, etc. and also try not to eat just yet. Then I go to the loo again, and...
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    Want to Buy Scubapro MK20 Ultra Light - Black Tec

    Hey All, As per the title, it's as simple as that, looking for the Scubapro MK20 Ultra Light - Black Tec. I am based in SA, but have oversea's options for shipping potentially, so open to any in the world right now, and will kind of take it from there. Please let me know if you have one of...
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    Another stupid bungee question...

    I have also been wondering about the same thing the OP posted. It's not always possible to use your own tanks etc. I like the idea of putting the bungee over the valve as an alternative. To the above though, what thickness bungee are you using? As it makes sense what you say, that a thinner...
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    Dahab Egypt - Blue Hole Arch, Lighthouse, Canyon, Tiger Reef 7-14 AUG 2021

    Nice video! Definitely something on the bucket list for me :)
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    So I made a Toddy Style instructional video for liveaboards...

    So I watched, your video, it's a stellar effort. It takes a lot to put something like this together, so well done OP @roman50 I have only just started my SM journey, so am absorbing as much as I can, but have a fair amount of 'other' dive experience. Although definitely NOWHERE near @tbone1004...
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    Day 1 and 2 of my Dive Rite Choptima CCR class!

    Interesting write up :) Thanks! Good luck with the rest of it, and I am looking forward to reading it :)
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    I feel like this should be the common thread, it's down to the instructor. Sadly, we can put whatever regulations in place, it comes down to the instructor. And so too does it come down to the student. I feel like people may abuse this, as they already do now, and decide to not sling a stage...
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