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    Snuba in Cozumel?

    You are correct, sir, but you know what I meant :) Thank you making my point much clearer for the nit-pickers :) If you're truly a Padi Pro, you might want to rethink your career choice before you get someone killed. You're obviously not qualified for your chosen field, as this statement is...
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    taking nitrox cert with basic scuba course

    It's a common practice, kinda like giving an AOW card to a person who is anything but.....
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    Snuba in Cozumel?

    Bolding and Italics mine. You work at a dive center and this is the information you're dispensing? Are you even certified? Even Basic OW knows that the greatest pressure changes occur closer to the surface....
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    Need some work done. Can you recommend a dive shop?

    I end up either in deco or riding the limits on almost every dive, even with nitrox....
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    Best meal by Restaurant in Cozumel - updated

    I gave this a shot this past Saturday night, and all I can say is WOW! One of the best meals I've ever had in Cozumel, and the price was fantastic. Total bill for a LOT of tender, tasty food and a beer was less than $13 dollars US. Staying at Suites Bahia makes this restaurant very convenient as...
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    July 2016 Thread. Or Did I Miss It?

    I'll be there next week, 07/25 - 08/01. Staying at Suites Bahia and diving with Tres Pelicanos.
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    Travel BC vs. BP/W

    All of this. I do exactly as Lorenzoid describes and I manage to fit ALL my dive gear into a regulation sized American Tourister carry-on. I pack my clothes for a week into a backpack which fits under the seat in front of me and I'm good to go with no checked baggage and all my dive gear intact...
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    Currents in Cozumel?

    I've done that same night dive on Paradise with Jorge. We spent an hour going over the same 4 or 5 coral heads, it was just a giant, slow eddy. After the third pass over the same corals, I looked at my compass and it was continually spinning.... We surfaced after an hour within 100 yards of...
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    WTB weight pockets for harness A little more than $30, but they work well...
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    Trip Report, Villa Blanca & Paradise Divers 6/12-19/2015

    There's nothing wrong with your trim if you're aware of where you are and intended to be there. For relatively new divers I thought you pretty much had your act together. As far as the fins go, that could happen to anybody. I'd wager that there's not many people in this forum that hasn't rolled...
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    Trip Report, Villa Blanca & Paradise Divers 6/12-19/2015

    This is me, plus the fact that I watch how they dive, i.e. attitude, trim, positioning, etc. I can pick my DM out of a crowd 100 feet away just from his gear and positioning in the water. ---------- Post added June 23rd, 2015 at 10:20 AM ---------- That wing is a definite standout. It made...
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    Join me in JUNE!!!!!!!

    At DFW waiting to board. I'm officially in vacation mode now :-)
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    BP/W configuration question

    I dive your same setup, including wetsuit, at Clear Springs and have no problems. This. Take Tobin's advice (the guy knows his stuff) and practice. You'll get used to it and love it, especially when you get to salt water.
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    Join me in JUNE!!!!!!!

    I'm flying in Monday, also diving with Tres Pelicanos. I'll see you on the boat :D. As to the weather, I always go in June, it's usually ~90-95° F with water temps running 84° F.
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    Trip Report - Solo trip to Scuba Club Cozumel

    it is not uncommon for divers to surface alone with no marker, for reasons others have mentioned in their replies: This being one of the main reasons... I agree. I see this done on a fairly regular basis. For the most part, in my experience, yes. If they are cruising at higher speeds...
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