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    Drysuit newbie here - some questions for medium cold water

    You should at least try your existing fins with your new suit. Some people need to go up a size, some need something heavier, but some are just fine. My Scubapro Jet Sport fins (not to be confused with jet fins) still fit but felt a little light and floppy once I got my drysuit. I got a pair of...
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    Gear pockets with BP/W

    FWIW, I have about 140 dives on my Apeks tech shorts, and I have never had a problem getting them to stay up. I've worn them over a 7mm wetsuit to depths greater than 100 feet, and I don't even have to tighten the belt. The pockets are a good size, with D rings and a thin inner pouch inside for...
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    Navigating travel forums

    If you want to leave the Pub, click your avatar, then Personal Details. On desktop, look under Settings and click Join User Groups; on mobile you'll need to click the gray Your Account box first to pull up that menu. Once you've opened user groups, scroll down to Pub Regulars and click Leave...
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    I flew with my BP/W, with the weighted STA attached, in my carryon. Even with all my other gear including regs in my checked bag, they needed to see what on earth was going on in that backpack. The agent was a sweet older woman; she seemed dubious at first, but once I explained what I was doing...
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    Navigating travel forums

    Split off from the thread "New COVID travel requirements," which was posted to the Coz forum but moved to General Travel because, as several folks pointed out, although the US reentry rules do affect those returning from Cozumel, they equally affect everyone coming back from every other country...
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    For Sale Deep 6 Gear Excursion DC

    Fun side discussion of proposed changes moved here: Deep 6 Gear Excursion DC: what would you change? In the meantime, sounds like this generally well-liked computer might still be available?
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    Deep 6 Gear Excursion DC: what would you change?

    Split off from the thread in the Classifieds.
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    Cash for Galapagos Trip

    I've always carried cash. I waited tables for a decade and typically deposited my tips only about once a week, meaning I might be walking into the bank with close to a grand during the busy season. Now I usually take out $300 from the ATM at a time. I keep $60 stashed away in a separate part of...
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    Drysuit newbie here - some questions for medium cold water

    The no cotton rule is smart in most instances, but those of us in temperate climates may not need to be so strict. I can get away with cotton T-shirts and leggings under my undergarment around here, because the water isn't that cold (bottom temps in the low 50s to low 60s, surface temps usually...
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    New COVID travel requirements

    Not every topic fits neatly into a box. This thread, regarding new rules for anyone entering or returning to the US, undoubtedly affects many people visiting or living in Cozumel, but it's not specific to that area. Therefore it has been moved from the Cozumel forum to the general travel forum...
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    Very happy with Vindicator Safety Handle

    Already done; the whole reg was serviced too. In my admittedly limited experience, when an O-ring goes bad, it's not a problem you can continue to fix for months with just a quick twist of the connection. And, again, it's not a problem as long as I'm the one handling my own gear!
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    Very happy with Vindicator Safety Handle

    I've had one on my tank for 2 years now, and I really like it. It's just unfortunate that a tank valve isn't something I can easily travel with and slap on my rental tanks. I've had two situations where it would've come in handy. Once I was in Mexico and a deck hand closed my tank valve just...
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    Odd ear fullness again

    Coincidentally, I had a similar experience diving that same spot about two weeks after you. I'd been diving in Maui all week with no issues, then had some pain and difficulty equalizing during that dive, followed by a feeling of fullness in my left ear. Did you go through the "shotgun" exit? I...
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    OW failure, advice?

    While I agree with all of the advice above, in practice it can be difficult to find an instructor like that. Your specific objectives might be served well enough by paying for a private course. That will give you more of the instructor's time and attention, and allow you to set the pace. There...
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    Playa del Carmen - when ?

    Bull shark season is roughly November to April.