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    ScubaBoard SURGE Central 2018 Bonaire

    Hi! I'm definitely interested in joining this trip. A few questions: 1. What is the registration and payment process? Is there a timeline? I just see the October 2017 deadline for deposits, have I missed information somewhere? 2. At this point I'm uncertain whether my (non-diver but...
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    New survey for scuba divers

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    Hallo! Welcome! I live in Berlin too and I'm looking for a dive club and buddy to do weekend diving with! I hope the weather and water around Berlin warms up soon! +elastica
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    Hallo from Berlin

    Hehe, dankjewel... Mijn schoonouders geven mij een tegoedbon voor Nederlandse les als ik nog ein Duitse woord gebruik thuis :P
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    Hallo from Berlin

    Hi, I'm Elastica! I'm a designer living + loving in Berlin. I'm glad I found this forum - so many useful discussions! I was certified December 2010 at Lumba-Lumba in Pulau Weh (secluded, great service, friendly people, delicious food, beautiful diving, I had wonderful instructor + DM to...
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