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    In Vancouver until Thursday (16 Mar) -- looking for a dive buddy!

    Edit: thanks all!! :) Got PMs and a text, setting things up now...
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    Looking for dive buddies

    Hey Kent! I'm free in Vancouver for tomorrow and Wednesday. NO local experience, but I am pretty experienced with northeast US conditions. Would need to rent a few things (drysuit mainly) that I left at home, but if you're up for some shore diving this Wednesday evening let me know. PMing you...
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    Aeris Atmos 1 computer and SPG console - nearly new, just serviced - $155 shipped

    Hello! Up for grabs is an Aeris Atmos 1 computer and SPG console combo. I'm asking $155; shipped anywhere CONUS. Paypal and personal checks are accepted (if I don't know you well, I'll likely wait for the check to clear first). Everything is "nearly new" - it's been used a few times in the...
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    Dive Boats: What Are 'Yours' Like?

    That's about the standard price (includes tip) where I dive, off the NJ coast. My record was paying $400 for a trip aboard a ~60 foot dive boat, ~12 people total, to a wreck about 70 miles off the coast. I got one dive in before things got too rough for me to be comfortable. I'm sure a lot of...
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    What do you wear under your wet suit? Anything? Nothing?

    Wetsuit: I wear some skin-tight swim shorts. Like cyclist shorts but without the padding. Drysuit: briefs, undergarments
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    FS: Halcyon 21w HID !!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD to Kathy!!
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    FS: Halcyon 21w HID !!

    Update - after being BOMBARDED with PMs, I've managed to reply to everyone. Either: 1) Lots of people really really want flashlights or 2) I accidentally set the price way too low. Live and learn.. ---------- Post added April 9th, 2014 at 12:05 PM ---------- Battery burn test complete...
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    FS: Halcyon 21w HID !!

    Just finished the battery test in the sink: 4 hours, two minutes! Might increase a bit with a couple full cycles.
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    FS: Halcyon 21w HID !!

    Hey everyone; up for grabs is my Halcyon 21w HID canister light. New bulb, never flooded, battery always conditioned. Everything is in great shape, pics speak for themselves. $650 shipped anywhere CONUS Selling ONLY because I am now suddenly a civilian (hooray sequestration). Nothing wrong...
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    Sleeping pills....

    I realize I am somewhat late to chip in to the thread, but here goes... As aircrew, we use Ambien pretty often while deployed and sleep cycles are shifting all over the place. It's prescribed by our flight surgeons. I hate the stuff. The next day, no matter now much sleep I get, my hands are...
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    After wanting to get into SCUBA I finally am!!!!

    The perfect excuse to get a nice Ural bike with a sidecar! Hehe
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    This years analysis and next years aspirations ...

    Accomplished: - got two of my best friends certified (two more to go!) as presents - dove on the Texas Tower 4 and got good survey data for our team's documentary (one of my bucket list dives!!) - finished Rescue Diver - finished the HSA / WWP classes so I can help take fellow vets diving next...
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    Flexible Dive vehicle for doubles

    Normal trips: Fiat Abarth. (Or regular, but not as fun!) In the boot: double 119s, two 40 stages, fins, wing, regs Belted on the rear seat: milk crate of all the other gear, dry suit Wedged in front of that: Home Depot X-horse folding table (the red&black ones) and spare tire/wheel. If needed I...
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    new diver's first suit, go for the semi-dry?

    OP - You will find that you may eventually have a small "quiver" of exposure protection. I too tried to make one thing (7mm) work for everything, but now I have: Drysuit for anything ~75*F or colder (tri-laminate suit with adjustable layers underneath) - This would certainly include most of...
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    UHMS guidelines on rescue of an unresponsive diver from depth

    Thanks so much for posting this! (Another reader from the incident thread mentioning this document)
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