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    Dive knife in Kauai?

    Can you dive with a knife in Kauai, or is it prohibited? I read some threads that said it was a good idea to take one with you, due to all the fisherman/lines that can be in the water. Thanks!
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    Adding maps/photos to Icon HD Net Ready

    Does anyone know how to do this using the diversdiary platform on mac? :confused:
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    Computer, Mac, and iPad question

    I use Macdive and really like it. I have an Oceanic Pro Plus 2 and don't have any issues with the software.
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    GoPro Hero2 with Backscatter Housing at Bonne Terre

    The video can't be found with the link provided. You may want to post a new link. I can't wait to see the vid!
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    Newbies are worthless!

    We all started out as newbies :)
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    Show me your mount!!!

    I have used the head strap with a modified chin strap and it works like a charm...... IF you don't care about being in the shot
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    Show me your mount!!!

    THANKS GUYS FOR THE POSTS! You both have awesome setups. I will definately look into both of these for my upcoming trip :D
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    Blurry vision after certification dives?

    This might sound like a stretch, but when I dive, I get really dry eyes. I used to wear contacts and have had lasik since then. When I dove with contacts, the next day, my eyes would be very dry in the morning and I would have to use artificial tears to help with the issue. I would still see an...
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    Took the plunge and bought equipment

    Nice purchase! You did a good thing by spending a bit more an purchasing quality gear that will last! Have fun breaking it in :D
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    Show me your mount!!!

    I'm heading to Kauai in June and I'm looking at different ways to mount my GoPro for my dives. I currently have the headstrap with an extended arm to mount mine and it works well. My problem is that I want some footage of myself underwater and need a different option. I am thinking of a...
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    Heading to Kauai Hawaii - Can you recommend a dive shop?

    I'm heading to Kauai in June and don't know who to use or where to go. Can anyone reccomend a good dive spot and outfit? Thanks :D
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    NEW Oceanic Excursion 2

    this bc is sold
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    NEW Oceanic Excursion 2

    $425.00 is the new price. PM me if you are interested!
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