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Duke Dive Medicine is dedicated to providing expert medical care for dive injuries and advancing dive medicine research and education.
Since its inception over 50 years ago, Duke Dive Medicine has been the leader in the medical care of injured divers. With its 120 years of combined attending physician practice experience, Duke remains the world authority in dive medicine, research and education.
Duke Dive Medicine treats individual patients and provides consulting services for divers, businesses and government agencies.
Duke Dive Medicine physicians are experts in critical care medicine, fully licensed, and practicing members of the Duke University Medical Center faculty. All are board certified in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.
Duke Dive Medicine is part of the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.
The primary author of the DDM posts is Eric Hexdall, RN, ACHRN, in consultation with our attending physicians. We'd welcome you to visit our websites for staff bios and more information on Duke Dive Medicine and the Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology.
Durham, North Carolina
Not specified
Dive Equipment
Seven multiplace hyperbaric chambers with working depth ratings from 225' to 3600'.


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