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    Diving Edithburgh Jetty

    The latest is that it looks the borders might start to open in January - good luck!!
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    Diving Edithburgh Jetty

    South Australia has (in my opinion...) some of the best diving in Australia and one of the very best locations is Edithburgh at the tip of the Yorke Pennisula. The pylons of Edithburgh's jetty are intensively coated in dense, rich and vibrant sponges, while the general flotsam and jetsom under...
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    Big Animal Encounters...

    Hi Murphy, sorry for the slow response - was away on a dive trip! The mantas in Milne Bay are the smaller reef mantas, not the giant oceanics. PNG is basically closed right now, so it will probably be mid next year before it is possible to get there and the only way is by boat from Alotau...
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    Giant Australian Cuttlefish - Annual Whyalla Aggregation

    It has been called “the premier marine attraction on the planet”... A touch of hype perhaps, but I can vouch for the fact that of all the big animal encounters I have personally experienced, the annual aggregation of Giant Australian Cuttlefish is up there in my top five! It happens from...
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    Japanese Giant Salamanders

    I really enjoyed the whole thing Jim!
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    Japanese Giant Salamanders

    Hi Jim, my trip was Ito san and it was to the Gifu area a couple of years ago. Don
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    Japanese Giant Salamanders

    These rather strange but quite unique creatures live in rivers across western and south-western Japan. As its common and Latin names (Andrias japonicus) suggests… They are an endemic species of Japan that are both protected under Japanese federal legislation and formally nominated as a special...
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    Big Animal Encounters...

    Thanks Chris - sincerely appreciated!!!
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    Big Animal Encounters...

    Thank you - really glad you like it! Don
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    Big Animal Encounters...

    About 5 years ago I went on my first "big animal" trip and got well and truly hooked.... I ended up working my way through an ever evolving bucket list. The thing is that conversation with other people on the specific trip (usually over an adult beverage or two) almost always turns to where else...
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    Papua New Guinea - Diving the Witu Islands

    I spent nearly two weeks diving the Witu Islands in PNG's New Britain Province in December and have written a full trip report on it on my site. Here is the link to Diving the Witu Islands All the wide-angle images were taken with a Nikon D500 and 8-15mm lens in a Nauticam housing with the...
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    ONEUW One160X Strobe Review

    I recently purchased a pair of the new high-end, Italian ONEUW One160X strobes and used them everyday on a two-week road trip in South Australia to dive the magnificent jetties and revisit the incredible annual aggregation of Giant Australian Cuttlefish. I was very impressed with them, so...
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    Sudan Day Diving

    Thanks Christian!
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    The Sharks of Protea Banks

    From what I understand it is possible to see migrating humpbacks at Protea Banks if you are there at the relevant times of the year - I wasn't as I was there in November (best for the variety of sharks) and again in April (tiger sharks...). I have personally had much more luck during the Sardine...
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    Japan's Galapagos - Diving the Ogasawara Islands

    Thanks - I appreciate the comments and enjoy the trip!!
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