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    Uncertain symptoms after dive

    Ditto DDM, The timing of onset of various symptoms, areas of the body affected, nature of the symptoms and other features of your description just are not consistent with decompression illness. I would go as far as saying that your complaints are very unlikely related to DCI and sound much...
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    Diving after a heart attack

    Hey Bill, Long time, amigo. As regards your statement, "Have been on many a snorkel trip but no scuba. I feel like I could scuba but the cardiologist said the water pressure could cause a problem in the 4 inches of stents they put in my arteries," you might find this earlier thread worthy of...
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    Hydroid sting? With photo

    Hey PACKRMAN, Indeed vinegar is almost always the preferred immediate treatment for hydroid envenomations. It should be applied quickly, liberally and frequently for the first half hour or so after getting hit. While it does not reverse the effects of venom or control pain, it may help to...
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    Diving with a defibrillator

    Hi Briana, One issue that has yet to raised is the fact that the implantable defibrillators of which I am aware contain an air space. Therefore, the matter of the increased ambient pressure inherent in SCUBA would need to be considered. Medtronic would be the folks to contact regarding this...
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    Hydroid sting? With photo

    Hi Danny90, Both the photo and the description are suggestive of a hydroid envenomation of some sort. Only time will tell how long complete healing will take. Two to three weeks would not be unusual, and it could be longer. Be aware that it is possible for rash and soreness to recur after...
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    GC random dive ops news.

    The highly rated Epic Divers (EPIC Divers – Grand Cayman | Dude, what an EPIC ride) appears to be closing in September due to owner rollover with inability to sell. One of Seasports (Seasports Diving Grand Cayman - Caymans Best Diving) boats sunk/overturned just over a week ago during a freak...
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    What is this guy

    Possibly not yet fully mature chocolate chip cucumber (isostichopus badionotus). Regards,. DocVikingo
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    Of possible interest to divers who are into tattoos. A word to the wise.+

    Hey giffenk, Any tattoo -- 2 weeks probably too short; 3 weeks probably adequate given no other medical contraindications. Infected tattoo or other skin infection - most prudent to avoid any contact with seawater until infection is entirely resolved. Chronic liver disease and the above (good...
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    Of possible interest to divers who are into tattoos. A word to the wise.+

    Vibrio vulnificus septic shock due to a contaminated tattoo -- Hendren et al. 2017 -- BMJ Case Reports This unfortunate gentleman had a history of chronic liver disease. However, a wait of 2-3 weeks before exposure of the affected skin to seawater is advised by many experts, even for those...
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    Energy Drinks and Diving

    Absolutely correct, Brother Boulderjohn. Regards, DocVikingo
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    Help: 40mg of SSRI and Diving?

    Hi Princess. You might find the following informative --> Of possible interest to diver's taking Celexa (citalopram) or another SSRI.+ I believe that DDM has provided sage advice here. BTW, I also have no idea where the 30 or 40 foot figure would have come from, and frankly I can not see any...
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    Photo of skin form of DCS

    Hi ladabiel, Cutaneous DCS is not generally conceived of as being "pretty". Here are some photos that I have variously posted in this forum over the years.
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    Cardiac health and paranoia…

    The 13 mets standard has been been conditionalized over the past couple of years or so to what IMHO is a much more reasonable position. You might find the following informative: 1.How many MET's should the rec diver be able to handle?+ Regards, DocVikingo
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    Diving after a heart attack

    Hi Rred, True, but it is important to note that symptoms like fatigue, muscle pain & weakness would not be confused with DCS in a non-diver or in a diver who has been topside for an extended period, but they easily could be so confused when they manifest during or shortly after a dive. The...
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    Help - Recurring rash after diving in cozumel

    It most assuredly does occur in Cozumel. Here is an article on SBE that I wrote some years ago which interested divers should find informative --> "Dealing With Sea Bather's Eruption (SBE) A common form of skin disorder after diving is sea bather's eruption, or SBE. Often mistakenly...
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