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Jun 2, 2020 at 11:33 PM
Aug 13, 2003
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New York City
Pediatric ENT doctor

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ScubaBoard Supporter, from New York City

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doctormike was last seen:
Viewing thread Here is something I learned today about DIN plugs, Jun 2, 2020 at 11:33 PM
    1. KevinG58
      Nice shots on your website! And contributions to the accidental deco thread.
    2. spediver1
      Hello I saw you post in someone else's post about selling a Santi e motion drysuit what size and price if you still have it for sale thanks
    3. DarrenC1
      I got an ENG test, and I will hear back with the results tomorrow. When my audiologist did the fistula test in my left ear it made me a little dizzy. It didnt cause strong symptoms because I was already dizzy that day from driving and moving around so much. But I tried the fistula test again later at home and it made me have rotational vertigo and rocking (like being on a boat).
    4. DarrenC1

      These symptoms never go away , but I feel better when I sit down or lay down.

      I have no personal OR family history of migraine. I have never had any kind of headache in my life. I dont have photophobia, phonophobia, aura, or any of the other things that migraine sufferers experience. I think my ENT suggested vestibular migraine just because no cause was obvious.

      Your advice would be very much appreciated. :blinking:
    5. DarrenC1
      I noticed the thread you posted on perilymph fistula. I suspect that I got this condition after moving into a new house (heavy lifting and straining). I already had a hearing test which was normal, but I dont think they tested SNHL. My ENT suspects vestibular migraines, but I have never had a migraine headache in my life. These are the chronic symptoms I have had for 14 months.

      - Dizziness and nausea when I move my head, or by increased physical activity.
      - Water sounds in left ear, exacerbated by laying down. This sometimes causes ear pain and increased dizziness. I have a very mild tinnitus. I often get extremely sharp pains in this same ear, sometimes randomly, and sometimes caused by altitude changes, yawning or chewing food.
      - Chewing on left side of mouth causes eyes to jump (oscillopsia)
      - pressure in the back of my head
      - Eyes feel tired
      - Frequent movement to left with pronator test
    6. FireInMyBones
      Saw that you had dropped by. Saying hello from SC.
    7. doctormike
      Hi, thanks for writing..! I'm sorry, I just got the notification of your email now, I didn't realize that you had written last week.

      I couldn't tell you much over the Internet, but if he really has a spontaneous PLF (a somewhat controversial diagnosis), it would be pretty risky for him to dive. If you have read some of the other threads, you know that a PLF in the context of a normal temporal bone (on CT scan) is very difficult to prove, even at surgery. So there really isn't a lot of good data about them at all, and certainly not in relation to diving.

      What I would say is that he should get a good evaluation by an otologist (ENT doc who specializes in ears). If you let me know where you are writing from, I may be able to give you a local referral.


    8. ssokal
      I hope you can take the time to answer this question. I've read some of your other responses and they were very pragmatic. My husband has a presumptive dx of PLF. He remembers exactly on which dive the trauma occurred. If this is this case, is there any possibility that he will not be able to continue diving-even after it has healed?
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    Home Page:
    New York City
    Pediatric ENT doctor
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    OW, AOW, Nitrox, Dry Suit, Rescue, Solo (SDI), Advanced Wreck (PADI), Advanced Wreck (TDI), Advanced Nitrox (TDI), Deco Procedures (TDI), JJ CCR Air Dil (TDI), JJ CCR Helitrox Deco Procedures (TDI)
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    Solo/Advanced Nitrox/Deco Procedures/CCR Helitrox Deco
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    1,000 - 2,499
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    Technical Diver
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    Ten Or More Years
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    JJ CCR
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    "We dive and reappear in new places"
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1847
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