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    who offers unlimited nitrox

    My wife and I have stayed at two different locations in Bonaire, the Caribbean Club and Plaza Resort. I have been to the island 6 times. The service at the Buddy Dive run dive operations are so far the best I've seen. This includes Belmar, Buddy Dive Resort, and the Caribbean Club. All have...
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    Strobe marker light - Suggestions?

    Jotron website states a working depth of 300 meters. Reserching Jotron vs. Tektite, results are interesting. A lot of pro/cons on both of them. Jotron has my vote at this point. Had one but gave it as a tip to a divemaster in Honduras. He loved it!
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    Diving St. Lucia

    My wife and I have head a lot of good about the diving there. I got a qoute from my dive travel agent and it beats the advertised price for the Anse Chastanet Resort, including airfare and transports. PM me if you want to know who I use for dive trips. Have always got the best price for me, It...
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    diving during a cruise

    I will never book a dive excursion through a cruise ship again. Once was enough to teach me a lesson about that. I got what I call a "dump and dive". It was in Grand Cayman and the dive was like a walk trough the desert, wait there are more critters in the desert than where I dove. I booked my...
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    Why I will never book dives through a cruise ship..........again

    Here's my input to this, I was on RCCL Freedom of the Seas and we stopped in Grand Cayman. I booked a dive through the cruise ship dive shop and it was the worst dive I ever did in the Caribbean. I call it a "dump and dive". The operator was setup very well and the dive boats were in excellent...
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    You are very welcome. I have been here for a while, I don't post a lot but when I see something that tingles my brain with a good thought to reply with I then offer my opinion. Have fun with your certificaton, thats what it's all about. :D
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    Hello there

    Welcome to SB!!! There is a lot of good people here just waiting to answer any questions you may have about SCUBA!
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    Hello and welcome, you chose a good place to land for information in the SCUBA area. I have found that questions here get a wide array of feedback and good at that. Once you get into diving differant locations, it grows on you and you only want to see more. Enjoy!!!
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    Hello from Canada

    Greetings and welcome aboard. There is a wealth of good information here.
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    Need advice on dive shops in western caribbean

    I have located a Dive center called Scuba Jamaica: Jamaica SCUBA Divers - A PADI Gold Palm Diving Center with three locations from Negril to Montego Bay to Ocho Rios. Does anyone know anything about them? I too am doing the same cruise as Joel Smith the starter of this thread. I have...
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    I are DM :D

    Congrats, waiting for PADI to finish processing my app. Need to refresh my EFR course and send to PADI, then I'm done and it's time to do some work. The wife and I already have "you" dives planned, they are important too.:D
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    Divemaster almost complete

    Islandheart My intention is to move on and continue my education in the industry. I plan on using the skills I have learned and no not impose obvious detrimental and non-standard teaching. I have arranged going on to Assistant Instructor where I shall remain until I feel the time is right to...
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    Divemaster almost complete

    Islandheart No worries, it was fun and I learned a lot. I'm glad I can do a tread like that at my age, and I also burned up the 400 yard swim and 800 yard swim too. I'm not at all displeased at what he did, yes there are standards I know this and I don't hold it against him, it doesn't make...
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    Divemaster almost complete

    What agency are you certifying with that you need to do a 20 minute water tread? PADI requires 15 minutes with the last 2 minutes having hands out of water. My sneaky instructor didn't tell me that, I had to tread water for 15 minutes without hands, but in sea water. That would be all but...
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    WOW big changes to PADI DM for July 2011

    Just did my DM in Bonaire, worked closely with boat crews and did hands on with students under direct instructor supervision, repetitive times. I heard about the changes and that the exams are fewer but longer. I thought the training I received was excellent and left no room for sidestepping...
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