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    what do you wear under your wetsuit?

    As mentioned, board shorts and conventional trunks bunch up and are really uncomfortable. I wear compression shorts. They're comfortable. And I can stick a pair of board shorts in my dry bag to change into on the way back to the dock without risking frightening other divers so badly that they...
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    What Is Your Favorite Way To Spend The Rest Of Your Day In Coz After A 2-Tank?

    Eat too much and then lay on the beach with our feet up saying "Why yes, I'd love another drink. Thank you."
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    Whiskers, when will they grow back?

    1 - Take a screw out of your other fin. 2 - Take the screw and head to the hardware store. 3 - Buy one that matches. In fact, they're cheap. So buy several.
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    Dive shop recommendations for Cancun

    We have done 150-200 dives with Alvaro. If you are diving around Cancun, you won't find better.
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    Time for Flu shots

    Ahhh, I see. Then I'm sure you'll be happy to provide some source that supports this statement. I'm sure you're as aware as I am that an anecdotal report from a couple of neighbors doesn't exactly equal science.
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    Frequency of advanced divers practicing CESAs ? [Poll]

    That final statement does not speak highly of the knowledge base of PADI instructors...
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    Time for Flu shots

    And that is sooooooo much worse than spending 7-10 days laid up with the flu. That sort of reaction is possible with pretty much any vaccination, and your neighbors are very much in the minority. We just vaccinated our entire ED. One person told me they had that reaction.
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    Frequency of advanced divers practicing CESAs ? [Poll]

    Mine did. Oh my ghad! You're telling me we violated standards???? ;)
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    Frequency of advanced divers practicing CESAs ? [Poll]

    Free diving classes will teach you to hold your breath and ascend rapidly. Not exactly the best training to fall back on when your lungs are even partially filled with compressed gas.
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    Frequency of advanced divers practicing CESAs ? [Poll]

    Meh. That's more marketing hype than anything else, and there are tons of people who would say that what's marketed as "Advanced Open Water" should more accurately be called "Open Water Part II." I did OW, and AOW the very next day. So when I finished, I had (not counting a handful of dives I...
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    Open water qualification dives

    If you're doing your certification dives at the Blue Hole, here's what you can expect. It's cold, dark, and there's nothing to see. Personally, I've always wondered how the Blue Hole qualifies as an open water dive in the first place. It's just an 80' wide, 80' deep pool. Generally, you'll hit...
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    Systematic use of oxygen analyzers by advanced divers ? [Poll].

    I do not verify air, as a general rule. If it's not air, I verify 100% of the time.
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    Fatal accident in Fontanazzi Cave and protests towards IANTD

    From the IANTD site for the Advanced Nitrox course: As you can see, if you're IANTD AN certified, then DP is automatic.
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    Multideco on Chromebook????

    Then.... there's your answer. No. Chromebook is Linux-based, so it's not Windoze/Mac compatible.
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    First Coz trip - need help planning

    I don't know if anyone guarantees afternoon dives. Aldora will pick you up pretty much anyplace south of the port. The shore diving is meh pretty much anyplace, but most anyplace with an in-house shop will rent you a tank. (Edit) According to their page, Aldora has daily afternoon one-tankers...
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