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    Double LP Faber 50's-Nitrox Ready

    Sorry guys been a while since I posted yes everything is included, the manifold is blue steel and the tanks need a vis
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    Double LP Faber 50's-Nitrox Ready

    Bought these twin 50's a few years back from northeast scuba and used them one time. Very light weight , small profile set up. Nitrox ready Now diving CCR so have no use for these tanks paid $700 plus shipping to SoCal located in San Diego $550obo
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    SIngle Tank Adapter set up?

    Looking for some advice on a STA. I normally run dual backplates sandwiching my wing with my doubles , Now I am going to use a STA for the 1st time for a trip and would like to run both the plates to keep some weight off my belt. Is there a preferred set up for this? I put it together tonight...
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    Cleaning out the clutter!

    interested in the black twinjets if still available , how much would shipping be to 92647 Thanks DB
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    Scuba Pro Twin Jet Fins

    Interested how much to ship to 92647 Thanks J
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    Rough threading manifold??

    I just built a new set of doubles and now one side of the manifold is hard to thread, the other side is smooth, i didnt check them prior to install? Any suggestions? lube? if so what can i use? Thanks J
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    XS Scuba Double LP95s, HP100s Thermo Valves/Manifolds, OMS & Highland Bands, & more

    how much for the v-weight? how many Din plugs are available ? shipping for both to 92647 Thanks j
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    WTB - Blue Deep Outdoors Element Bladder

    Hey Jeremy Contact ocean research group in San Diego , The Deep outdoors boys are now ORG If anyone would have one it would be these guys Hope this helps J
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    oms analyzer

    I am interested if PFulks doesn't buy it Thanks Db
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    Lost Twinjet Fin with XS Scuba spring strap -San Diego

    I lost one black size large Twinjet fin with spring strap in the surf at La Jolla shores when I get blasted by a sneak set of waves that caught me off guard. Its a long shot but thought I would ask Thanks J
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    Oxygen analyzers

    How Does this analyzer connect to the tank? Thanks J
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    HP100 Doubles, HP120, AL40

    are you willing to ship? If so maybe we can work something out on your 40 Thanks J
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    Cleaning Out Extra Tec Gear

    How much are you asking for the XS manifold? Is it 300bar? Thanks DB
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    backup light

    Today I received my new Dorcy 220 and am really happy with it , compared it to my buddies halcyon and it is way brighter and for $48 bucks ! Thanks to all SB members that replied and a big thanks to Ronzo for the advice J
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    backup light

    Thanks for all the input from everyone , I appreciate it J
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