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    Diver lost 15 Jan 2013 Cozumel

    Lost diver On January 17th there was a bit on my local news that mentioned a gal from Utah being lost while on a dive trip in Cozumel. Her name is Tamara Lashlee. Does anyone know any more info about this? Has she been found? What dive op was she using? Is there...
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    Death at Utah's Crater

    Free diver dies in Utah's Crater (Homestead Resort). In session scuba class recovered body and unsucessfully attempted resuscitation. Family sues Utah resort over diver
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    Happy Birthday ScubaSam!!!

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Sam. Treat yourself to something special. Art
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    Happy Birthday Dr.Bill

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Bill- May you continue trolling for Sweet Young Things for years to come. :D Art
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    Homestead Crater - Midway, Utah

    It's been a while since I've been up to the Crater. Is the broken hot tub platform still on the bottom?
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    New Cozumel video

    Outstanding quality. Thanks for posting. Art
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    Video: The Best of Indonesia Diving!

    Thanks for the videos. This may be the closest I come to seeing that part of the world. Art
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    ScubaBoard Legal Defense Fund

    I don't always agree with some of the fruitcakes who post here, and I don't always agree with the way they express themselves. However, I think Scubaboard supplies a useful (and entertaining) forum on diving. So I donated too. Art
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    I'm a GRANDMA!!

    Congratulations. And if you didn't know, grandkids are 'way better than kids. Art
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    Looking for some insider advice-not about diving

    It's been a while since I've been in Montreal, but I enjoyed an area called Prince Arthur Street (?). It was blocked to vehicular traffic. There were a lot of out door cafes featuring mines, strolling musicians, comics and so forth. I think they still operate in the winter but inside the eating...
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    Cruise Trip Report - January 2010

    Jax, we'll cut you a little slack on your dive reports since the only thing in southern Arizona are those stock tanks out on the desert. :rofl3: Art PS Good report.
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    We will not share user information...

    And if you already suspect serious gender identification problems? :rofl3::rofl3:
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    First time in water with a DC 1000

    It's apparent you were using some sort of flash. Was it the external strobe or the internal flash? Were any of the pics taken with the wide angle lens? Thanks for sharing the pictures. Art
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    What the hell are we gonna do during the Olympics?

    I'm not sure if the two situations are comparable because our Winter Olympics was right after Sept 11, 2001, but downtown was virtually deserted except for the Flatlander Invaders and the International Olympic Committee with their hands out for freebies. The newly re-done interstate was...
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    Hello from a new member in Utah

    Diving in Bonaire is certainly superior to diving in Utah. Especially in the winter time. Welcome aboard and hope you have a great time down south. Art
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