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    Whale shark divng off Isla Holbox in Quintana Roo, Mexico

    Hi You say ''whale shark diving'' there is no diving with whale sharks, it is only snorkel but it is still a fantastic sight and Holbox is wonderful, I have worked on research there.
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    Bay Island Live Aboards

    Ahh I understand I was talking about liveaboards that are available for a customer
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    Bay Island Live Aboards

    The Bay Islands Aggressor, the Tabutne I do not think have been running for a long time and Isla Mia I must admit I have not heard of, but we had only one real one the Bay Island Aggressor so really Roatan has not had a big liveaboard since the Bay Islands Aggressor, unless the Isla Mia is.
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    Bay Island Live Aboards

    There really is one reason only, no one in Roatan has purchased one
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    What's with the airfare from Houston to Roatan?

    I got a flight the other way around from San Pedro Sula to Las Vegas for DEMA for just $580 it always seems cheaper going from here to there, sorry not much help.
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    A few Utila questions

    Hi You normally have to pick it up, you do for Utila so I would presume it is the same for Roatan, have a great time.
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    Utila, home of the whale sharks & plenty of dolphins!

    Ahhhh But there was a beautiful whale shark today
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    Accommodation in Utila - august

    Hi Try Old Toms Apartments, from I had heard the lighthouse used to be very good but as will see there are lots of places so take your pick and have a great time and come and see Pup Morse (The Scuba Cowboy) playing at the festival
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    Accommodation in Utila - august

    Hi From what I know not all rooms are taken yet but yes you are correct it is hard to get in touch with people here, and you should be able to get something on the island.
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    Tropical Storm Ernesto 08/07/12 pass to the North of Bay Islands on to Belize

    Hi All Here on Utila we got the same, yesterday a few high winds but today back to diving and it is very still now and clear we can easily see the mainland and the mountains 18 miles away.
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    SPS to Utila

    Hi Yes they are.
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    Whale sharks around Utila this week

    Hi That is H-027 from the Ecocean Library this one has only ever been seen around Utila and not spotted anywhere else at the moment, it has been seen here in 2005, 2006,2008 and now 2012 mainly in Jan or Feb of those years except 2008 when it was seen in late December, please enter this into...
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    New Taxes Revisited

    Hi I just received this from the tourist board here in Honduras "Just to inform you officially on behalf of the Minister, Ms. Nelly Jerez, that the new airport security Tax that was announced in all the local Honduran newspapers this past weekend of $17.00 for entry and $17.00 for departure...
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    Airport fees

    This is what is being said today President Lobo Blocks Airport Exit Fee Hike Honduras Weekly President Porfirio Lobo today that he has suspended the proposed increase of the airport exit fee from US$37 to...
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    Bull Shark with Pup

    Hi I would say that is not a baby shark, it looks like a cobia, very often seen swimming with sharks
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