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    Upcoming GUE Training in DFW

    I really enjoyed all the good times we had diving together "back in the day". We had a few really good laughs. some even at Alan's expense. Who can forget the infamous, Texdiveguy dancing on the table at Joe's Crab Shack? I had recently chatted with him about scuba, religion, and sought advice...
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    Dumb covert dive operation of the day

    I had a dive shop that called me to ask prices over the phone and I would not give them prices. When they pressed I gave them above retail pricing. They pretended to be "shocked" and went as far as to say they would just go to the other dive shop to buy it ( their own! Ha ha!!!) . I said, " they...
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    CDOT is diving CSSP April 29

    You know to be a "member" of the Texas Swamp Divers you have to dive with a swamper right? Sounds like you have been rubbed the wrong way, and it certainly was no one's intention to do that. Are we guilty until proven innocent, or innocent until proven guilty these days? It's just fun diving...
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    Any CSSP divers know anything about this?

    I once saw a Diver in the Flower Gardens with a whiteboard that said, "where's the boat". It was obviously an old message because we were on a rig dive and everyone was together. It literally made me laugh out loud and my masked leaked. I have a great picture of him in the background in an walk...
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    A somewhat sad conversation last night

    Guba- I hope you have read the follow up emails to the original email, you referenced, that was sent out about the give and take on the new scuba group forming in Texas. We are a work in progress and in no way feel like we are a secret society, with handshakes and black t-shirts as was suggested...
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    Balmorhea closed to diving until further notice

    Wow! That is creepy!!! Thank you for posting!
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    CSSP - 3/10 The Quest for the GoPro Camera

    Troy wants a GoPro camera. They look pretty cool. Great to capture a memory! I went Ice Diving a few years ago and I used a Henderson dry hood. I loved it, still have it. Nice and stretchy and works very well. I had a Bare dry hood but it had to much of a gap at the top.
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    Prayers for a swamper

    I have read all of the postings on this thread and the accident thread. What a terrible accident. I pray for his recovery and that he has minimal pain during recovery.
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    Divers North-Northwest-West of Ft. Worth

    Looks like we are getting this together! I happened to be over in Grapevine yesterday by Grapevine Mills Mall. I noticed a place called Ritzy's . Looked like it had a nice big sit down area, kind of a fast food diner. Looks like we could hang out for an hour or so without much problem. Cheap...
  10. Troy and Debra Ice Diving

    Troy and Debra Ice Diving

    Troy and I setting up our gear for our ice diving certification in Iowa.
  11. Debra in a Drysuit

    Debra in a Drysuit

    My Bare drysuit set up. Clear Springs Scuba Park Winter/2006.
  12. Troy and Debra

    Troy and Debra

    Troy and I on a Flower Gardens Trip approximately 2003.
  13. Debra in Tech gear

    Debra in Tech gear

    My backplate, wing set-up. This is an old picture, apprx. 2006.
  14. Debra and the Moray Eel

    Debra and the Moray Eel

    This is a photo taken by Sunset Divers at Stingray City in Grand Cayman, 2009
  15. Self Portrait Delta 4  Regulator

    Self Portrait Delta 4 Regulator

    My self portrait in my Delta 4 regulator
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