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    For Sale Weights for sale

    Wrap those hard weights in sturdy paper or plastic wrap with lots of tape. I recently ordered some weights from another board member and they banged around inside the box and blew out a hole. When my flat rate box arrived only one of the eight one-pound weights was still inside.
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    Help! Big Ooops on Roatan

    Duct tape! With all the divers there, maybe a departing diver would sell you their STA and bands.
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    Help! Big Ooops on Roatan

    Can you rig up something else to work or find a welder to fabricate something?
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    Relaxing Scuba Diving video at Lily Beach Resort and Spa in Glorious 4K HDR

    Is the captain controlling the rudder with his legs?
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    Hello from OK

    Sorry about your husband. Definitely get back in the water and keep on living after it is all done. I went to high school in OKC.
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    SOLD!!! Tusa Freedom Tri-Quest Mask M3001

    Got a photo? Black or clear?
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    SOLD!!! Trilobite EEZYCUT x 2 brand new! Cutting Tool

    I've been planning to get a pair of these for me and my wife. I'll take them! PM on the way.
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    SOLD!!! Hollis M3 Mask with Box. Saint-Gobain Glass! $65 shipped.

    Glad you sold it but, DARN! I sat on the fence too long.
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    Backup regulators on dive trips?

    I'm hardly an experienced diver (18 logged since I got my cert almost exactly a year ago) but now that I have 3 complete regs available for my wife and I, I bring 3 regs when we dive so either of us can use the spare. We have not flown to dive yet since we can drive to the Sea of Cortez but even...
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    First Reg Choice Apeks XL4+ vs Deep6 Signature

    We brought three reg sets on our last trip for my wife and I. But we are close enough to drive to Mexico so no airline hassles. We each have Apeks XTX100 as our main set and I had a new Edge set I bought here in SB that I used as a backup and dove with one day so I could try it out.
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    Piranha Dive Mfg.

    My SPG arrived just before lunch today!
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    Piranha Dive Mfg.

    Let's see who gets their stuff first!
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    Scubapro Ladyhawk for Guy?

    Sorry guys. When I told my wife I might be selling the Balance, she said she was planning to try it. Since I switched to BP/W she is thinking she may not like her jacket BCD so much any more.
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    Piranha Dive Mfg.

    I just wanted to commend them on excellent customer service. I ordered a longer corrugated hose and matching inflator hose for my OMS wing several hours after normal business hours last Saturday night and chose the cheapest USPS delivery. My items were promptly shipped Monday morning and...
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