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    Just arrived on Curacao

    Great news, Cactus Cafe is back in town at Rancho Sobrino. One big happy, hungry family here; Taco and Emily will be in for dinner tonight ;) See you later this fall.
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    Daydreaming of Curacao

    Similar here. If you own a property you can quarantine there. I believe if you have booked an AirBnB you can quarantine, with all the rules and regulations, there. If not, accomodations chosen by the government.
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    The pool is now open!

    Government announcements Traveling to Curaçao
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    The pool is now open!

    From today's press conference..... more info when released The maximum number of passengers allowed to enter Curacao is no longer in force. Until now, only 20,000 passengers a month were allowed. That expires. The PCR test remains in effect. Children under the age of six do not need to...
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    US Consulate General Issues Clarification

    We emailed our customers we know, to tell them about the flight deadlines. Many had not heard from AA and then scrambled to change their tickets. They have all managed to get seats this weekend. From what we hear, AA has been easier than dealing with Air Canada.
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    Sad to say Curaçao has made the restrictions list

    Bob, We've had 4 VRBO cancellations. They all had 100% refunds, all due to the virus. Double check with them, that doesn't seem right. I did as an owner have to approve the total refund with just a click of an OK. Hope this helps. Sunsh
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    Recommendations for lodging, dive shops for 1st Curacao trip

    I'd suggest the Pietermaai area (Scuba Lodge and others). A short walk to town with a variety of great restaurants and music nearby. Rent a car, shore dive around the island, and hit the beaches and parks during the day. If you have a longer vacation, stay in Westpunt for 4 nights when you dive...
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    Lost GoPro on Playa Kalki

    I rarely dive that depth but will keep an eye out next time diving at Go West. Just wanted to marvel at your thoroughness in describing the lost in area.
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    Daydreaming of Curacao

    Bas, what has been your lowest temp? Maybe it's my computer but I can't remember seeing under 80 degrees.
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    Dive 'n Curacao, any input?

    We have a great store on island - Scuba Store and More. Prices..... 2 pounds hard weights - $10 USD 2 pounds soft weights - $12 USD
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    Annual Westpunt Movie Night

    For 9 years, most of the businesses in Westpunt have sponsored a movie night for the residents, families, friends, and visitors. Come to the ball field and join us on Wednesday, October 9th at 7PM. "Bumblebee"
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    Curacao Recommendations

    It has been a great year in Westpunt; water temps, visability, and all! Sea you ion January! Everyone else..... we are partial to the westside, Westpunt in particular. Definitely, go to the grocery store before driving out. There are a number of great places to eat: Cactus Club (former Trio...
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    Curacao Recommendations

    GO SOX!!!!! And definitely dive Curacao! <3
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    Sol Food closing early Saturday 12/8

    Of course we'll see you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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    Sol Food closing early Saturday 12/8

    Open for lunch and reservations made before 4PM this Saturday, December 8th. If in Westpunt, enjoy dinner at Landhuis Misje, Cactus Cafe, Blue View, or Rancho Sobrino. Hope to see you another time. Happy diving, Sunshine
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