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    Kona dive op for Young diver?

    I have had teens dive with Kona Diving Company on two separate trips, 15 and 17 y.o.. KDC took good care of them and us for safe, fun dives. Manta dive is a must do.
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    Does anyone ask to see your logbook?

    In 37 years of diving the west coast, florida, alaska and internationally no one has ever asked to see my log books. I have been asked how many dives I have done in the previous 12 months, but no one has ever asked to see my log books. I have not kept a log, except for science diving, for decades
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    Generally pretty well done, but like "Blackfish" it has some limits due to journalistic entertainment. Some repeat from The Cove which makes it knind of redundant with past documentaries. Not sure Paul Watson at Sea Shepherd still enjoys celebrity status, but he is quite prominent in this...
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    Alaska Diving

    You might also check out the Alaska Scuba Divers group on facebook
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    Swimsuit under Wetsuit

    This topic is a perennial favorite on scuba board. If you don't like swim suits and wont consider a swim brief you have three choics, square leg swim suit (mid thigh), jammers (above the knee) or shorter shorts, think running singlet shorts or Speedo Surfrunner (3 inch inseam or so). I have...
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    Tell me about the Conshelf 14 regulator

    I bought my Conshelf 14 in 1985. It is bulletproof, veteran of many shore dives and boat dives in California. In 1985, it was a top of the line regulator that would soon be replaced by the plastic housing variants such as the Conshelf 21 and Conshelf SEA. Apparently some divers did not like...
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    Another boat dive question

    All these points are very good. If it is not covered in the briefing, ask. I always let the dm know when I am leaving the group as a courtesy even if it isn't required. they usually give me a nod and point the direction back to the boat. You are going to love boat diving, with or without a dm.
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    Baby Shampoo vs Mask Defog

    It works well diluted or straight from the bottle. Actually, any shampoo will work. Baby shampoo does not cause eye irritation. Pricewise, it is a lot cheaper than defog. Agreed. It may be this year's most discussed topic, followed by the perennial favorite "what do you wear under your...
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    How do you secure your wing nuts?

    yes. a wrench or socket (nut driver) is necessary to tighten the nut. I use corrosion resistant nuts and bolts, but do not take the rig apart after every use as you plan to do. I rinse thoroughly and inspect/replace the hardware once a year.
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    How do you secure your wing nuts?

    even with lock washers, you will want to tighten your wing nuts from time-to-time. If you don't plan on using doubles (e.g., you are going to only do the single tank adapter) you might want to consider using lock nuts. I have used those in place of wing nuts, but I only run a single tank...
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    Santa Barbara Police

    Glad you are OK. Under "defunding" it is more likely a social worker or someone trained in conflict de-escalation will be dispatched, but both will be trained in non-confrontational self-defense. I am not making this up, community alternatives to policing are being developed. I am surprised...
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    Recreational Sidemount Diving: Is it still the Boss?

    seems like every few years the latest or "boss" (a term I have not used since the early 1970s) thing hits the scuba world. Since the 90s it would go something like tec-doubles-backplate wing-sidemount-scooter-apnea. All one needs to do to map the trend is to look at the adoption date of PADI...
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    What's your knife preference for diving. a.k.a. show off your knives.

    Over the years carried on dive trips dived with many knives. I am partial to Wenoka and my 37 yo Blackie Collins is an old favorite. My go to knife is the bfk wenoka titanium. Also like the Benchmade H2O single and folder. USN Mark 1 is a collector item for me. Need to reduce inventory one...
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    500 PSI Defog

    I use toothpaste to clean a new mask, baby shampoo thereafter for antifog. I worked in a dive shop long time ago. some were famous for upselling, moving you to a higher priced item or extras you really did not need. A few years back, I tended a display for a local dive shop at an outdoor hobby...
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    Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago

    One of the places on my list to visit. Diving opened up here in Alaska this week. Some people are starting to get out
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