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    LOST Halcyon Scout backup LED light at Whytecliff

    im going again thursday evening for a couple fun dives, ill keep an eye out for it again. Kyle
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    Britannia Beach wrecks getting smaller

    Iv been there a few times now and i took the day off work to show a buddy the area and do a few dives, Ill pay more attention and see if I can see anything missing.
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    Dive light found at Belcarra park Sunday Feb 19th

    can I have one more guess?
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    Feb. 5, 2012 Possession Point (Victoria area) video

    hey thats an awesome video
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    Nanaimo Charter Operator

    Kevin and Jan Breckman own the Sea Dragon and Topline charter boatsr Recently the seadragon just got moved from retirment to active chartering again but not in Howe Sound anymore, no, thats the Toplines job, the Seadragon is located in Nanaimo now, but because of fuel price increases the price...
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    Tank Fills Vancouver Lower Mainland area

    Hey yes G.P.D is still selling Air and Nitrox fill cards cheap
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    Keystone Jetty Sunday March 27th

    Hey ya we talked on the phone im in.
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    Diving next weekend (March 12/13)

    Hey im in for a dive or 2 on sunday, let me know whats going on, saturday I have to work so im out for that day.
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    Official Remembrance Day 2010 dive thread

    Hey I was talking to Todd tonite and the divesite Madrona was said as an idea, its a great site wolf eels and octopus iv been there a few times but it would be new to Todd. Its like a 20min drive north of Nanaimo
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    Saturday Oct 30th dive day

    I can bring one other person
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    Saturday Oct 30th dive day

    Who is interested in a dive day to twaneuk for a couple dives?
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    6 Gilled shark??

    South Hornby Island there is a small island called Flora Island and there are National Geographic cameras at 140 feet they are motion activated cameras
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    Favorite shore dive >???

    Ten Mile Pt and Henderson Point
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    Setting up a GVRD dive club

    A fort would be cool we can collect squaters rights on our own piece of land somewhere new.
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    Looking for a buddy for Capilano river diving

    How do you get to the site?
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