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    Bag for TG-6

    I bought a small camera bag at Best Buy that fits my housing, camera, backscatter lens and a few other small items. I pack the bag in my carryon suitcase along with strobe, other camera accessories, dive computer, laptop, mask and a change of clothing.
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    TG photos, Show us what you shot.

    TG-4 and Inon S2000
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    TG-6 Short Battery Life?

    I’ve been using the TG4 since it came out with the Olympus battery and with oem batteries and both last about the same. I usually get two 45-60 min dives shooting stills and sometimes have to power the camera down toward the end of the second dive u til I’m ready to shoot just to make sure it...
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    Wide angle lens options for TG6

    For what it’s worth while you’re looking around, the backscatter and AO lens are the same.
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    TG-6 & Backscatter M52 Wide Angle Lens issue

    Interesting that you’re having such a difficult time with assistance from backscatter. I’ve never had a problem getting help from them but I usually give the CA store a call and speak with them direct. I’ll be using the lens for the first time in two weeks and my friend just used it a few weeks...
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    Roll call: Any old NASDS divers out there?

    Still using my card and would hate to lose it. The thought of getting re-certified through another agency is not a pleasant one! :-0
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    TG6 Housing Cold Shoe Adapter

    Sent you a message on wed.
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    TG6 Housing Cold Shoe Adapter

    Check out backscatter. They’re great to work with and I’ve bought a lot of my photo equipment from them. BTW....I’ll be in Utila the end of March. It’s one of my favorite places to go to...other than Lembeh since I love macro photography.
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    Tg-6 Housing (Need opinions!)

    Go with the Olympus housing and use the extra $$ for a video light.
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    Gauge Lens for Macro Photographers - Old divers only

    I use dailies and throw them out when done diving for the day. If weeklies are the type that you take out and clean at nite then I don’t see an issue with using them. If you keep them in for a week before taking them out I would not recommend using them.
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    Gauge Lens for Macro Photographers - Old divers only

    Unfortunately that hasn’t been my observation and I’ve been using them when diving for more than 14 years. Sometimes they go and and come out easily and some days i have problems getting them out.
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    Gauge Lens for Macro Photographers - Old divers only

    My contacts are multifocal lenses just for diving and are not strong enough for me wear for reading and working on photos afterwards. They’re fairly inexpensive anyway so no problem
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    Gauge Lens for Macro Photographers - Old divers only

    Yeah...sometimes it took me longer to get it out after a lot of rubbing and cursing! Also there were times when I wasn’t even sure if I had gotten it out. It can be a PITA it it sure helps reading gauges and seeing if your pics are in focus!
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    Gauge Lens for Macro Photographers - Old divers only

    Since I only wear contact for diving, I make sure to bring at least five more pairs than I need because I know I will wind up having difficulty getting them in the first few days.
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