Born in Louisiana (that is pronounced: Loo-zee-anna) at Confederate Memorial in 1964, but a Florida Native since 1968.
SE Florida, the flattest part, I can see Mount Pom
Construction Professional, for now......we are an
Certification Agencies
YMCA, PADI, IANTD, ......does ACSM count?
Dive History
Buggin', Picturin', Shootin', Sightseein', Collectin'
Certification History
Beach Diver par exellance.
Certification Level
I need to be certified to dive?
# of dives
None - Not Certified
Dive Classification
Dork Diver
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
149 cf Tanks make me happy!
Dive a water heater!
It is better to be looking at it,
than to be looking for it!
Diving Rebreathers Since


I don't care, as long as the Cowboys, and whoever Michael Vick is playing for lose.
And if the Cowboys play Michael Vick, I'm a Cowboys fan.
I am partial to Coasties and P.J's, because they carry band-aids and are like 911 for Seals, Rangers, Recon, and Pilots.
It's all about fun folks!:dork2:
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