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    For Sale Scubapro MK25 / S600 $300 OBO + Shipping

    I am in SW MI. Its going to sell for hat it sells for on ebay. Sorry no one here seemed interested so its in the auction gods hands now.
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    For Sale Scubapro MK25 / S600 $300 OBO + Shipping

    Estate find Mk25/S600 in great shape. I put these on a tank and no leaks, worked fine. Please service prior to diving. Comes as shown with Mk25 1st, S600 2nd and Air2 inflator hose. No SPG or HP Hose installed. Based on information on the hose they havent been serviced since ~2007. Asking $300...
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    For Sale Zeagle Zena - Sz SM - w/Air 2 FOR SALE

    Zeagle Zena Sz - SM for sale. BCD in great shape. All zipper, buckles, straps, etc work well. No tears or issues i can find. Bladder was inflated for >45min no leaks. Air 2 inflates/Deflates and breaths fine. This BCD should be serviced prior to diving. Asking $200+ shipping OBO
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    For Sale Zeagle Ranger - Med - For sale w/ Air 2 inflator

    Zeagle Ranger - Sz MD for sale. Asking $275+shipping. In excellent condition. All the buckles/D-Rings are intact and work. Zippers work well and there are no tears I can find. Bladder holds air well. I inflated this and left it for >45 min and saw no leaks. The Air 2 inflated/deflated and...
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    For Sale Shearwater Petrel 2 OC - great shape $550 OBO

    on ebay now Shearwater Petrel 2 OC Dive Computer | eBay
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    For Sale Shearwater Petrel 2 OC - great shape $550 OBO

    I am not diving much and dont need the petrel 2 anymore. Comes as you see it with unit and stretch wrist bands. I am 2nd owner and I have less than 50 dives on it. PM me here for more info. Asking $550 shipped in the US - USPS flat rate with Insurance
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    Blackbeard - Questions Backup

    interesting about both boats going out every week....I checked and even in 2020 they show only 18 bunks for nearly every sail date. Must be how they schedule then i guess. Good to know about telling them who you're with as my buddy and i booked together, and then a couple days later a friend...
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    Blackbeard - Questions Backup

    So your leaving May 11 as well? Cool. I dont know if both boats go out every week or if they rotate. It seems like they only send 1 boat a week out as they dont tell you what boat you're on and also they only list 18 bunks per trip. Yep this will be the first BB trip for my dive buddy and I. He...
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    Blackbeard - Questions Backup

    Which sailing in May are you on? My buddy and I are on the May 11th sailing and cant wait.
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    For Sale SOLD Atomic ST1 1st & 2nd - just serviced $550 OBO

    I got this reg set with some gear i bought. Just had it serviced, see pics. Atomic ST1 1st and 2nd stages. With comfort swivel on hose. 2 HP ports, 5 LP ports. In beautiful shape. Asking $550 obo shipped in the US. I can ship international if we discuss shipping.
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    Advice on computer choices

    If you are willing to buy a used computer you should be able to pick up a shearwater petrel or petrel 2 for the same price or less than what you are looking at for a new computer. I found a nice petrel 2 for less than $500 delivered on SB a few weeks ago.
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    Florida Keys in November - my plan so far

    I did my first ocean dives with Rainbow a couple years ago. I liked it so much my buddy and I are going back in OCT to do AOW and spend 3 days diving with them. I had my log sitting here and the deepest i recorded was on the Benwood wreck at 47ft. Enjoy your trip. The Keys are the only place...
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