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    Difference Between Feeding & Observation Bull Shark Dives At PDC?

    This is my post from 2017, re a 2016 chumming dive
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    Expanding ScubaBoard to social media

    I used to post alot on boxing message boards (as a fan, not a participant). Almost all of them are gone now, apparently Boxing Twitter killed them all (the only one left is juvenile and rage-filled). I guess people like the convenience and immediacy of Twitter to talk boxing, but I miss the...
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    Apeks WTX Wing and backplate compatibility questions.

    Edit - make sure my post isnt wrong
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    La Paz

    Considering La Paz for Nov or Dec. It seems like the boat rides are fairly long. Most of them seem to be of the variety that includes lunch. Are there any closer dives - where you can get 2 tanks and be back in La Paz around lunch time?
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    Gear pockets with BP/W

    Im cheap so I got the $25 DGX pocket pictured here (although they sent me a Mares product, but it looked very similar). I guess Im not that big, to fit it on my waist strap, I have the buckle not in the middle, but towards the left. Thats OK, bc the buckle on my weight belt is towards the right.
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    Monterey conditions. (let's keep it going )

    Most of the folks who die at Monastery aren't divers, they are waders who get pulled unaware into the small but powerful surf zone. I feel the "Mortuary Beach" descriptor doesn't necessarily refer to the diving. Always respect the ocean, but I feel comfortable knowing that I wont drown as long...
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    Shark Cage Diving? Not for me!!!

    That sharks is bleeding, seems to have been injured from the experience.
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    Hello from SF Bay Area!

    Where in Hawaii are you going? A cheaper option is to do shore dives. If Oahu, there's Shark's Cove on the North Shore, or Electric Beach on the west side of the island. Both very shallow, easy sites. You dont even need a guide, you could just explore on your own -- although you could try...
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    Hello From San Francisco!

    Someone already posted the Norcal Subforum and the Meetup group. I would also recommend several facebook pages for scuba, including Im always posting there, looking for a Friday buddy, feel free to respond.
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    Summer diving in Monterey Bay?

    One note, the Breakwater/San Carlos Beach may not have expansive kelp forests, but it is a great place to dive and an excellent first California dive - lots of fish & sea lions. McAbee Beach may have more kelp and is also an easy site. As noted, sites in Carmel need calmer conditions. As...
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    No dive buddy

    As for finding buddies, you may meet some in class. There may be a dive club in your area. I agree with the suggestion of FB dive groups and/or dive pages - its how I arrange buddies. There is also, which may have dive groups in your area.
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    Tips for navigation?

    This is me. Lubber lines, reciprocal headings, etc are just opportunities for me to mess something up. I just look at the compass from the top. Tells me which way I am heading. I find it much simpler this way.
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    Monterey conditions. (let's keep it going )

    Two dives at Lobos yesterday. Lots of kelp on the surface everywhere, got me hopeful. First dive we were planning to go to Hole in the Wall/ Lone Metridium, hoping the reports were wrong -- they were not, approaching it turns to a complete moonscape of nothing but gray rock & urchins. Really...
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    Qualifications of a DM

    In addition to showing me the cool stuff, as discussed above. . . Locally, I am quite comfortable exploring with a buddy, and even leading new divers around the local terrain that I know well. However, on vacation, I am a single diver. I dont have training/equipment for solo diving, so I am...
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    Urchin cull approved for Monterey reef

    This here may be a good way to get folks involved. Its not just the cost of the class, folks may not have the time or patience to attend an in person class. They want to start smashing urchins!! It may picque their interest and they may step their participation up. I will probably start by...
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