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    Here's the complete list of all prize winners for Chamber Day 2021: DAYTIME 1. Atomic Z2 reg - Wallace Wood 2. Henderson 7mm neoprene wetsuit - Ralph Taylor 3. XS Scuba Voyager 60 roller duffel - Susy Horowitz 4. Analox O2 analyzer - Daniel Pio 5. PADI Rescue e-Learning - Tom Sherran 6. PADI...
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    Chamber Day 2021 - $167,757

    Wow. Thanks.
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    Let me get this out of the way: May the 4th be with you. (“Star Wars” fans will get it. And next year, you’ll get it a LOT from us as May 4 is the date for Chamber Day 2022.) Onward . . . This is our last pre-event update as we are 37 hours from the end of the event tomorrow evening. So this...
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    Two webcasts, one link works for both. (All times PDT.) Please share this link far and wide: ZOOM LINK: CHAMBER DAY WEBCAST - NOON-1PM Hear from Chamber Director Karl Huggins as well as Baywatch, USCG, and LA County Sheriffs. Plus you'll get a video walk...
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    While only registered "divers" and "diners" can win Chamber Day/Eve prize drawings, ANYONE can put in a bid on our of our eight Blind Bid items, which includes an autographed "Simpsons" script. Bidding closes this Wednesday (May 5th) at 8:30PM LINK TO CHAMBER DAY 2021 BLIND BID AUCTION FORM...
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    This year we're adding a daytime webcast to our Chamber Day menu. We're trying to somewhat replicate the Daytime experience. As such, we had hoped to take those who tune in to the webcast on a virtual dive or two as part of the overall experience. If you've created a 2-4 minute(ish) video of a...
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    CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2021 - UPDATE #20 $109,175 (as of 5/1 @ 9AM)

    May Day!!! May Day!!! Happy May Day!!! And Happy that we’re almost at $110,000 and May pass that mark any Day now. We start off with a Gold-level contribution from a longtime dive store supporter, Eco Dive Center, but this year it comes with a tear as it’s in memory of one of their own no...
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    CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2021 - UPDATE #19 $106,250 (as of 4/28 @ 4PM)

    One week to go and we keep plugging along, thanks to you, setting a new Challenge record every day. Let’s not stop. The latest folks to power us ahead are the collective members of the San Gabriel Valley Scuba Club who all got together and ponied up a total of $1,025 for a Gold-level...
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    CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2021 - UPDATE #18 $104,250 (as of 4/23 @ 2PM)

    Here are words I never thought I’d be able to say about the Challenge: WE PASSED $100,000!!!! The actual total right now is $104,250 with a dozen days to go. The reason for the big jump – almost $15,000 more than two days ago – comes from a very generous donation of $13,600 in the name of...
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    CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2021 - UPDATE #17 $90,450 (as of 4/21 @ 2PM)

    We’ve cracked $90,000!!! Never in our wildest dreams did we think back in March when we started, that seven weeks later we’d be able to say that about the Challenge. We start this update off with a Silver-level donation from returning supporter Kathy Kalohi. And she’s backed up by a number of...
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    CHAMBER DAY & CHAMBER EVE 2021 - EVENT UPDATE "E" (as of 4/21/21 @ 8AM)

    Chamber Day/Eve 2021 is two weeks from today. Overall we’re in fairly good shape but could certainly use help in beefing up a couple of areas. This is a more critical year than usual because not all that much changed for us during the pandemic these past 12 months. We still had crews on standby...
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    CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2021 - UPDATE #16 $89,175 - A NEW RECORD!!! (as of 4/17 @ 2PM)

    IT’S A BRAND-NEW CHALLENGE RECORD!!!! Wow. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d be able to eclipse last year’s record-breaking Chamber Challenge. But we have. And now the question is: How high can we go? Patience has never been my strong suit so when I talked to Karl this morning to...
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    CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2021 - UPDATE #15 $88,675 (as of 4/16 @ 3PM)

    Sooooooo close to a new record!!!! Less than $500 to go . . . Our good friends at Galileo Capri helped us make a big jump with their annual Platinum-level $5,000 contribution. They understand not only the importance of our Chamber, but also the importance of supporting organizations who work...
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    CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2021 - UPDATE #14 $83,025 (as of 4/15 @ Noon)

    We made it past $80,000 and are closing in on a new record for the Challenge!!! The biggest part of the push comes from Antelope Valley Desert Divers (I’m always afraid I’ll call them “Antelope Valley Dessert Divers”). Their club is very active in supporting many worthwhile causes and they have...
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    CHAMBER DAY & CHAMBER EVE 2021 - EVENT UPDATE "D" (as of 4/12/21 @ 9AM)

    We’ve got a little more than three weeks to go. We’re doing well in some areas – the Challenge is poised to set new records – but lagging in others. Traditionally, the pace of signups picks up in April and picks up even more as we get closer and closer to the event date (May 5), but we also...
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