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    Dive Condition Reports

    Mansfield Dam Nov 11th 2010 62deg F above thermo cline and 6 to 8 ft vis Moving clouds of increased sediment roll by you around 40ft, bottom rising? dropped vis to 1ft. Thunder clouds were flowing by above, this darkens the water (decreasing vis) at times, then they pass and the water...
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    Veterans Day Dive?

    Any one diving Veterans Day? Have tanks will drive. If not see you at Windy Point. :blinking:
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    Lake Travis Sun Morning?

    :coffee: Who will be out with Lake Travis Scuba for the 8:30am dive on Sunday Aug 1, 2010?
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    Lake Travis Shaker Nov 19, 2009

    Wow, what a dive. H2O just under 70, and vis near 10 feet. I was a little to warm in my semi-dry but 40min in to the dive I was glad to be in it. The Giant Stride was very professional, and friendly as ever, and have you meet Wendy? Do you breath? Nice tiny tanks and one lasts all day, a very...
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    Shaker Plant dive off the Giant Stride Th AM 11/19

    See you all in the morning. I will be diving semi wet. My 7/9mm one piece keeps me warm in 55deg h2o hope I won't be to warm. Hehehe I will bring my light suit as well just in case its to warm. Tanks are ready.
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    Shaker Plant dive off the Giant Stride Th AM 11/19

    I will use the bucket of warm water, and shuttle would be great.
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    Shaker Plant dive off the Giant Stride Th AM 11/19

    Both at Shaker will work fine for me, 10am also works. The dive is going to rock. Looking at the Lake Travis dive reports of lately, weather forecast (a week out), Boat diving at the shaker plant (mid lake) is good. No rain for Tuesday and Wednesday (could change) before the dive helping the...
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    Snuba ?

    I have been considering adding a "hookah" tank to my standard dive set up. Hookah alone, probably not. Hookah with a standard SCUBA set up, shure just adds a second tank to your dive. A dive computer is required to do this, and know your tables well. The hookah line can be up to 100'. Start...
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    Let's Re-Brand "Snorkeling"

    Just as a note, SCUBA is also by previous posts, should I say it, NOT A SPORT, but an activity "That is, it's not a physical activity that can be judged competitively and may push the human body to extremes." If you push your body "to extreames" durring the SCUBA diving activity you will...
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    After the DIVE

    Great Video, sound was fine for me, crystal clear water wow.
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    Austin FEAST??

    I will do my best to arrive, whenever it is.
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    Need buddy for Veterans Dive, Wed. Nov 11th

    I need to hit the water in Austin Area Veterans Day is great for me, need a buddy 512 363 6955 chadpeddy at gmail dot com
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    Sevylor Diveyak XK2020

    Don't Kayak Monestery if your diving. Inflatable dive yaks have evolved, and are getting better as the materials improve. The best point made in this thread is: Inflatable yaks are cheeper, and more portable (in trunk not on top) fine for ocasional usage. They suffer in the speed if you...
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