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    Just moved to Rhode Island

    I'm going out on Wednesday up in Gloucester off a charter for 2 lobster dives if anyone's interested in joining.
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    Just moved to Rhode Island

    Had a very nice morning with AfterDark, Dive_Turkey, and Selchie in LB. Thanks for letting me tag along. Looking for to diving with you all again. Call me any time you want to go out!
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    Just moved to Rhode Island

    I just moved to RI as well. If anyone out there is looking to add to their dive buddy collection, let me know!
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    Go Pro Camera

    I use my gopro for video on a BCD shoulder mount and set it and forget it. I agree that decent photos can be snagged from the video after the fact. I still use a G9 with a strobe for stills though.
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    New to Narragansett, Rhode Island and looking for a boat, shop, or dive club to join

    Hello all! I am new to the area and am looking to hook up with a boat, shop, or dive club. I am from New Jersey and am a PADI Divemaster. Of course that means I've been through open water, advanced, and rescue with CPR/EFR. I also have my ice, aquarium, wreck, nitrox, tec/rec gas blender, dry...
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