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    Galapagos Aggressor Open Spot Sept 30, 2021

    Join us on the Galapagos Aggressor Sept 30-Aug 7, 2021 We have an opening due to a medical issue with one diver. One spot opened, possibly 2 available. Please click this link for additional details on this trip: Galápagos Islands 2021 – Key Largo Dive Center Galapagos is on every diver's bucket...
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    Join KLDC in Komodo aboard the Arenui!

    That's the cost of the Arenui. Our Dive Team is looking forward to finally being able to get out and explore some new places. We have a single female looking for another single female roommate on this trip. We also have a two-person cabin available. for additional...
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    Thank you Dive Rite

    We are a Dive Rite dealer and I have always been impressed with their prompt reply to any questions or problems we have. Their customer support is what you would expect from one of the top dive gear suppliers. Personally I dive their Transpac BCD and it's my all time favorite.
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    Atomic B2 / M1 or ScubaPro

    I would shop around. Our price for the 1st stage kit is $29, 2nd stage kit $27 and that includes the swivel hose overhaul kit. $25/stage labor. Prices vary from dealer to dealer. Customers can ship their reg down for service then fly down and dive.
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    Atomic B2 / M1 or ScubaPro

    the environmental seal on the first stage is optional on Z series
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    Atomic B2 / M1 or ScubaPro

    Because the Z2 is the least expensive of the line. It doesn't have a 2nd stage swivel, it doesn't have a LP port swivel on the 1st stage, and it has the least amount of titanium which requires a little more care (ie rinsing) after use. We use the Z2 as a rental, most of our customers and...
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    Atomic B2 / M1 or ScubaPro

    msinc I also dive the Atomic T3 and T2. They are excellent regs and since both the first stage and second stage are made of titanium they are very light to travel with. Especially since I keep my regs in my carry-on bag I appreciate the light weight.You are correct that the light weight of the...
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    Atomic B2 / M1 or ScubaPro

    Yes, thanks for the clarification. We change out whatever is in the parts kit, all soft parts like O-rings and seats. Haven't had any hard part failures. I edited the original post.
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    Primary and Octo Hose Lengths

    There are many schools of thought on this topic. Dive, dive some more, then dive some more and use your own personal experience and judgement to make a decision. You were probably trained in one method, gradually switch to other methods and try them. Usually all you are out is a hose that you...
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    Atomic B2 / M1 or ScubaPro

    Without a doubt you want to go with the Atomic B2 or the Z3, both of which have a second stage swivel. The Z3 is a bit less expensive due to the use of Zirconium (thus the Z) vs the the all titanium 2nd stage B2. The swivels are rebuildable, parts for this are now included at no extra charge...
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    Which is the better regulator

    Sorry for the late reply. We have divers who want a starter reg so they purchase the Z2 and then decide in a year or two after they get some experience and maybe a few additional certifications that they want to add a swivel turret or a swivel hose.The nice thing about the Atomic is that you can...
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    New diver regulator set up

    f you can, find someone more knowledgeable about regs to look at them with you, or work with local shops to find used serviced gear to start. It may cost more upfront, but it can cost a lot to gain experience. Bob I had a guy come into the shop and ask me to check the new reg he just bought...
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    When your computer gets stored in cargo bay at 30,000'

    Just wanted to chime in from first hand knowledge that the CRJ cargo compartments are pressurized. They are not however always temperature regulated so freezing may have been a factor. There are many other aircraft that don't have regulated temps in the cargo compartment even though they may be...
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    New diver regulator set up

    Some suggestions: 1. Whatever you choose to purchase be sure that you are not buying somebody else's problem. 2. No matter what you purchase used, unless you have a receipt showing that it was recently serviced by an authorized technician have it serviced before you use it. 3. Educate yourself...
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    Zeagle F8 or Atomic Z2 octo

    I also agree with the suggestion to buy a Z3 second stage and use it as your primary, keeping the Z2 as your octo. You can always upgrade the setup down the road if you want to environmentally seal the 1st stage, add a swivel hose to the Z2, or add a swivel LP port to the 1st stage. We have...
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